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Saturday, 30 December 2017

A summary of the past year......

     Tis alright this will not be a long post via anyone's stretch of the imagination. 2017 has had more low points than highs for myself....

Low points....

Worst and most devastating was the loss of my father, Geoffrey Wooldridge, on the 22nd Oct after a short illness.

Further down the list of low points is that at the present  moment we have yet to move house and the feeling of being in limbo continues unabated.

Related to the non-movement of said abode is the fact that I still have no where to use as a workshop/store for my business adventure.

One of the 'terrible twosome' is no longer with us and resides elsewhere.

My mental state has had more downs than ups.

I seem to have lost contact with a very good, if rotund, friend.

I always seem to be permanently skint.

High points.....

I'm still with my soulmate George.

Bramble is still by my side.

The prospect of moving in the early new year seems most likely.

The business adventure is proving to be the right decision to have been made, at the moment that is.

So there you have it, for myself 2017 has been a basically crap year with a feeling of being permanently in limbo, skint, low mentally and it has taken away my father, leaving a huge void within my life. Fortunately the simple basics for a happy life still remain, I have George, Bramble and the likelihood of a fresh start within a new abode on the horizon.

I wish all my readers health and happiness for the forthcoming new year and may the northern gods smile upon you and yours.

John the Gardener.