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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Well who'd have thought that such a little cutey pie would indeed turn out to be a 'Bog Monster' reincarnated? Well it's true I tell yea all. After a recent  pleasant weekend in the company of my Northern friend, and her accomplice 'Lucy', walking around lakes, upon beaches and alongside bubbling rivers there was no sign of the trauma to come! With barely any dirt, mud or smeg to show for our rambling.
Arriving home after a steady three and a half drive it was obvious that Brambles was missing her new found friend Lucy so to lift her spirits I piled her into the back of 'flat cap man' car and headed to Nercwys woods....and the result for my thoughtfulness?.....

So take heed those of you who think that the Bear is a lovely little thing...she bloody well is not!!!

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