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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Did I say Autumn?

Did I actually say that I'm in the "early Autumn years of my life" in my last post? what a pretentious arse I can be sometimes. Damn thing with this depression muh-larky is that the lows can be banished at the flick of a switch or the tiniest of changes in my life and replaced with something resembling happiness. So for what ever the reason I've awoken this morning with not so much a spring in my step, more like a slightly better carpet underlay beneath my feet, but all the same feeling OK. Funny really being as I didn't fall to sleep till the early hours, and then had to be up to drag the Bear around not so sunny Buckley in the early morning rain. Now instead of rushing around like fool because I'm off to London for a couple of days I'm sitting here typing away more drivel and sipping tea.

Oh and one more thing that I've just remembered is that Autumn is my absolutely favourite time of year...... I already have enough apples for a couple of gallons of cider so that's something else to look forward too, as an anonymous commenter said on an earlier post "small steps"... ahh well guess I have to take each day as it comes.


  1. Home brew sounds good ....Cheers!

  2. Those "small steps" will undoubtedly change your life...don't be tempted to rush, take things slow & steady...and in your previous post you mentioned it being too late to turn back, well don't try to turn back, you need to move forward with those steady positive small steps...those who love you will still love you and they will forgive you but you also need to learn to love and forgive yourself.

  3. JM
    You are right in what you say in that those that love me still do, but as forgiving and loving my self I cannot see that happening soon. It's not that I'm wallowing in self pity but when the dog let's go I see the damage I have done to others. Forgiving and loving myself? Right now I'd settle for a dreamless night and a little peace of the mind. Small steps though eh?....


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