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Saturday, 21 September 2013


Well what an absolute load of tosh my last post proved to be, not only have I done absolutely bugger all about the statements made in it, I've ballooned to the dizzy heights of 14 stone and 9 pounds, made no bloody progress in achieving any of the comments and promises made and quite frankly have lost all bleedin' motivation for doing absolutely anything.
I once had a friend via blog world who describes depression as the Black Dog, something that bites your life and brings you down at the slightest thing. I truly know this dog and have been battling with it for some years now but sometimes the will to get off my arse and fight for a life is truly to much to handle. Oh well perhaps the Fluffy Sheep of joy and comfort is not too far away, but I doubt it.....Bugger!


  1. Maybe the way forward for you is not to see your life as a constant battle...don't set yourself huge goals then beat yourself up when you think you haven't achieved them, start smaller, day by day if needs be even if your only goals for the day are to get up & wash the dishes, then everything else is a life is perfect, embrace yours, warts & all...don't see happiness as some far off place you feel you can't reach, it's there within you and around you, and one day the darkness will lift & everything will become clear to you

  2. Thank you Anonymous, who ever you are those are kind words.

    1. Thank you, you're welcome John,


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