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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tea break...

    Once again sleep eludes me as my life is bitten by the 'Dog' so I find myself taking a tea break from my pit of self wallowing and reading about others lives, hoping to find a clue to a way back from the fog's tendrils that draw me to the abyss once more. As usual Rachel always manages to prise a wry and rare these days smile here at 'Eternally 28' with her brilliant outlook on life and then Tracy, here at 'my beautiful life' has posted something that hit a deep chord and those of you thinking they are helping someone with depression should perhaps take note.
Water Spaniel?

As for Moi well I did manage yesterday to walk with the Bear in wind swept and wet woods, and yes bears are stronger than Black Dogs. 
Or just mad?
But always there for me...

After the walk a visit (well turned out to be two visits) to the doctors helped somewhat and I'm back onto weekly assesments. But at least that gives me something, knowing that I have something to focus on and try to make it through to then.

I wish I could be more positive in my musings at the moment as all seems doom and gloom, not very interesting for the few decerning readers of my blog, but I did say in an earlier post that it'll be warts n all. Well back to my blanket and perhaps another walk later, after another brew that is....


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