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Friday, 25 October 2013

Time or the lack of...

Well bugger me, as if there isn't enough turmoil battering in what passes as an excuse for a brain in my head it has suddenly dawned on me that I have less than a month to vacate my present abode and get my house in order, so to speak. As I looked around me this morning the thought hit me that I'd arrived here with very little except the companionship of Bramble and a sense of loss and despair. But now I have all the trappings, albeit basic trappings, of a furnished home and all the bloody paperwork to sort out with very little time in which to do it. So I've err borrowed some boxes from my place of employment (saying place of work might be stretching it a tad), made a list of all the things that need cancelling and address changes (if I had a certain new address, that would indeed be useful!) and I'm now endeavouring to sort of my filing system which at the moment consists of random piles of letters, bills, receipts and such scattered items stuffed in a plethora different places! So immediately after completed this blog break I'm heading off to a well known supplier of every conceivable piece of household tat where I have just reserved a filing cabinet, well perhaps after another custard cream and delicious brew.

Time seems to last for, well, no time at all at the moment. Perhaps it's an age thing but the days are passing me by at super sonic speed and I really am struggling to get organised and be pro active towards this move. Adding to my timeless lifestyle I've put my name down for not one, but two voluntary services.....duh. So early November I have an induction day at Erddig country house and grounds and also I've put my name forward to help out at some allotments to allow some old buggers to keep them longer by doing the heavy graft for them, at least I'll hopefully pick up some much needing advice for when, if ever, I get my own garden. Fortunately the man fancier George, who hence forth shall now be referred to as Big G in my musings, has offered to help with packing, humping (perhaps an unfortunate choice of word there Wooldridge) and secretarial duties to assist me in this period of transition.

Well that's all for now, time to pick up my uber modern filing system.....oooh I could right a review comparing old system and new.



  1. Ah the filing system /paper work , just spent 2 days sorting mine out .Time ..whats that the days seem to be going so fast now and little time to do anything .I am sure you will be sorted and settled again before you know it . First on your list " Bramble bear" ...good luck !!

  2. I believe so .....My B has got me through a lot of hard times and I am so grateful for her companionship loyalty and trust ..They truly are , as you say "A true friend" ..
    Take care ...

  3. You'll soon be back on track! Just a small sabbatical! Just let life carry you for a while.!


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