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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

15 00

    Well hello one and all and I hope that Santa brought you all that you deserved over this festive time. It's about this time, as the year draws to its wintery close, that thoughts drift to mistakes made and new resolutions for the coming year ahead. If I were to list mistakes made then this post would take days to upload even upon the swiftest of broadband connections and as to new resolutions? 

    Well there was a time in which my word was my bond and I stuck steadfastly to whatever I'd promised. These days my word lasts as long as it takes to utter the syllables that make it up, Therefore I think my first resolution for the coming year is to stay true to my word.

    Then there is my lifestyle, or lack of it some may rightly say, where I have given scant regard to this living planet and lived in excess and waste. With this in mind I resolve in the coming year to indeed change my ways and become more mindful and caring of the effect that I have on this living planet known as Earth.

   Thoughts spring to mind of the pain and harm I have done to others through my dark days. Now I'm nowhere near clear of the dark cloud above me but the pain and harm caused to others must stop and with no exceptions to boot.

    Then there is my own well being, or lack of it to be truthful. So there are a couple of things to be done to improve this standing in the health stakes, both for body and for my broken mind. I wish to lose 20% of my body mass, to set up home with the woman I have come to love, write more about my journey and to walk the legs off the one known as Bramble Bear....small things yes, but these targets will, if achieved, change my life forever.

    Maybe not much of a 'bucket list' I grant you but from acorns..... So what changes and with what resolve do hope to make them in the coming year?


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hello...errr I think!

Hello, Please excuse my absence of late but life has not too easy to say the least. Not a great deal of humor in my life recently but I thought that I'd check into blog world and see if it indeed still exists. Yep, still here and revolving away with folks sage advice, helpful tips and a host of humanness of the best kind. Strange that a person can let themselves believe there is nothing worth raising their head for yet the world keeps a turning and amongst all the bad stuff shafts of goodness burst through, and just now and then one catches me and raises my head above the dark and I realise that life doesn't have to be that bad after all. For my dancing angel, you know who you are, a heartfelt and deep thank you for reaching out to me. John