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Sunday, 26 January 2014

52 Projects.


     Tis always a good idea to try and implement something that will motivate and drag my sorry arse out of it's self wallowing place on the sofa, fighting the black dog is far better than succumbing to it, although this not always possible. So when I came across a fellow bloggers "52 Projects...." the idea struck a chord. The idea comes from Dreamer's blog "Living a slow and simple life" and in her own words goes like this;-

 "The idea of 52 Projects is to get you motivated to chip away at tasks or projects that you have been putting off doing. Whether it is things that need doing around the house and garden or activities you have intended to try but never got around to it, new crafts you may want to sample, recipes you have thought about trying, a particular walk you have been intending to undertake - whatever it may be that you have been putting off. Taking these tasks and breaking them down into achievable chunks could help you to get motivated again, and start getting through them one baby step at a time. I have a pile of stuff to get through plus some enjoyable stuff I want to try out too so hopefully by tackling just one thing a week I will start to make some progress."

    So today I have completed my first task, a simple step maybe but a step looking forward nonetheless. A few years ago I had a sideline in.....erm...well piracy was indeed mentioned by some rather distasteful and small minded folk, although I prefered the term 'roguish behaviour', ahem which involved the procurement and selling of items of exceptional good taste (although it may not be wise indeed to enquire as to the source of such items). Anyway, this enterprise ran through the medium of E-bay and I have pondered upon the resurrection of this source of good, ahem again, honest income for some time but with not actually having the gumption to shake off the self pity and loathing to do it (or anything else for that matter!). But after reading Dreamer's blog it seemed that a simple task every week would not be beyond me so I have spent the majority of today preparing and also sourcing some items to start the ball rolling, only five items and nothing special but all helping to shed the threads of the past. As the weeks go on I shall be hoping to build upon this enterprise and who knows perhaps soon I'll be sailing my own brig once more? Of course this is only the first of 52 weeks so in the coming weeks more tasks will indeed have to be completed and reported about to keep in the spirit of 52 Projects....

     So a thank you to Dreamer and a cheeky question..... if any of you bloggers would like to the "Help John become a wealthy Pirate" enterprise with donations of saleable items please don't be bashful and get in touch.

A Haaaa




  1. Glad you managed to drag yourself off the sofa and get started :)
    Good luck with your e bay selling!

  2. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Shiver me timbers!

    1. AHaaaa not bad for a land lubber me dear ;-)

  3. I have neither bought nor sold on Ebay, but recently reading about some woman who makes £100,000 a year by flogging rubbish to folk who buy rubbish, I'm considering it.

  4. It does make you think doesn't it? also the rubbish.... Er indispensable items....that don't make eBay will be going to Chirk car boot sale in the summer where they will indeed buy any old tat

  5. 52 projects? Hmmm... Good way to break down and facilitate getting up off one's arse. My to do list is laying about somewhere in the piles of papers (clean up of which) is on the to do list. Since I hate the guilt that a list imparts, the one-a-week approach may be gold.

    Ebay? I have the stuff for sure. It's the pain of getting it from stored to featured that kills me. Best of luck. And hey, if you come across the water, you could organize my (ahem) wonderful items and we'll split the riches... ha ha.

  6. For sure the one a week approach suits my forgetful mind and sofa stuck arse, even now although up to date I still have to update fellow bloggers upon my pitiful, but pleasing, progress.

    Ebay - all about getting into a routine me dear....tis nice to know there's a hoard of er....treasure?...awaiting my piratical charms across the pond ...ah haaa


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