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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cup and Saucer


     It was a quiet and relaxing time the other day, especially after working far too much overtime of late which has had an impact upon physical & mental matters not to mention the huge impact it has had upon my relationship or should I say lack of relationship! I have found myself far too tired both mentally and physically to function properly and make rational decisions so it was indeed nice to lay back and rest my body for a day and then walk a late afternoon to ease my mind as well. I cannot express too much how a long walk with Bramble at my side can help put life into perspective.

     So loading the Bear into 'flat cap man's car' we headed to Erddig hall, somewhere where I have not been in several years. Tis a pleasant enough place with rolling pastures, woodland trails and, with the recent rains, gurgling rivers although a tad too popular with other humans for my liking to be honest. I'm not a people person and much prefer the company of Bear and little else when out on the trail. 

     This said and done, the walk on Sunday afternoon was enjoyable. I have a fascination with old engineering, stuff from a bygone era, when everything was built to last and if a job was worth doing you did it well. It's a far cry from today's throw away culture where everything is designed to fall apart and is built so it's not possible to be repaired. So it was pleasing when we came across the cup and saucer. 

     Apparently this unusual water feature was the intake and power for a hydraulic ram pump system which then pumps water up some ninth feet to provide water for the hall's gardens and water features. Fortunately an explanation and brief history of this system can be found on a plaque near by, which does save my stubby fingers.

     There was surprisingly quite of lot of interest in the relatively small grounds and apparently the hall opens to the public and has various events throughout the year. Well enough of the advertising speal.

     We spent several pleasant hours wandering around and it became even more pleasant as the light began to fade and with it the people, allowing me more peace. Well relatively so until my unerring sense of direction found us lost in the woods and with the light now fading fast I was left considering backtracking or wading across a rather swollen and turbulent river. Rather than put Bear at risk we turned around and fumbled our way out of the woods as the light finally left for the night, with open pastures back to the car and a clear, star lit, sky the last couple of miles were enjoyable, especially to Bear whose heightened senses were on full alert.

     Finally back to the car park, knackered, cold and hungry but with a feeling that only can be found when you've pushed yourself beyond what you thought able and your best friend was alongside of you all the way.

Keep well,



  1. Very glad you made it out alive!!

  2. That cup and saucer deal has me curious. I don't remember ever seeing or reading about something like that. Now I'll have to be off to learn a bit! Love Bramble's eyes, too.

  3. I thought that would get your interest Casey.

  4. I want a cup and saucer! And your use of the word "knackered" made me laugh. In my neck of the woods, it means drunk. So, I was rather surprised when many years ago, I picked up my daughter from kindergarten and her British teacher told me that she was "perfectly knackered." It still makes me laugh.

    1. I'm afraid that good old Anglo saxon does creep into my ramblings from time to time.

  5. The cup and saucer is incredible! An earthwork (or should I say waterwork) that is functional as well as attractive and engaging. Love it.

    Love the pup.too.

    1. Welcome was always much more....alive?...back in the day.


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