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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hard graft....


    Not only have I commenced upon a life of piracy this week with the re-launch of my E-bay concern to facilitate the laundering of plunder and ill gotten gains, I have dragged my sorry arse into another scheme long debated whilst festering upon a sofa in my wallowing self pity. What prey tell, I hear you mutter under baited breath, could this purveyor of plunder now contrive to weave with his treacherous ways towards his aim of world domination? Oh all right I mean what the hell is the muppet up to now? Well come closer dear reader and I shall tell you of more deeds to aid me upon the road to simple happiness....

     Late last year, before that damned christian 'festival' known to the pandering populous as Christmas, I had a sudden attack of get up and go (which quickly subsided) and enquired about the possibility of obtaining an allotment. Needing to fill my time when not engineering my living in the Fun factory I also asked if there were any allotments that required help on, the idea being that I'd provide the labour (I'm not total knackered just yet!) whilst needy allotment owners may impart some knowledge for the time whilst my name sallies forth to the top of the waiting list. Imagine my surprise when I was contacted about possibly helping out on an allotment that was run for the needy, very apt I thought, and after several attempts I managed to meet up with Caroline, said organiser, manager and dog's body for this scheme. It was quickly established that the arrangement would be mutually beneficial to both parties, with my brawn and Caroline's obvious deep knowledge of horticulture and her infectious and overflowing enthusiasm.

     Then my get up and go got up and went as the Black dog took hold for awhile leaving me bereft of ideas or the willingness to raise even one butt cheek of the sofa. But the tide turns once more and I once more set sail for a simple future. Already pleased this week with setting up my piracy endeavours my enthusiasm pushed me further and I ventured to view the allotment. 

     I knew already that it had been untended for sometime but I wasn't expecting that it would require starting almost from scratch! The greenhouse has 50% of it's glass missing, there is a large encroachment of raspberry cane from unkempt allotment alongside and the place is thoroughly overgrown. One positive is the tool shed which appears reasonable well stocked.

     So with a barely noticeable shrug of my shoulders I placed my foot on this baran piece of land. It's no use rushing such an undertaking but at the same time I knew that some visible progress would act as a spur to return and continue. First things first then I cleared all dead branches and litter that had blown in. Not having much knowledge I do understand that a working compost is a good thing and a place to rid the plot of unwanted organic matter. With this in mind I cleared one of the large compost bays and, sourcing some timber, made some running repairs until something more substantial can be done. I've measured the greenhouse and I'm pretty certain I know of some perspex that requires liberation. Finally I started on the paths after realising that once done the access gained will make working on the site so much easier. After digging out, I  laid some opened up plastic bags covering the now exposed soil and finally covered with a generous layer of shredded tree bark, kindly provided by the council for this purpose. 

    I managed to complete one path before the light started to fail, so after  tidying and cleaning all tools I took a moment to sit on my arse and enjoy the sense of achievement I felt. Maybe my efforts seem somewhat small to some but for a brief moment I felt at peace as my mind was able to settle and dark thoughts took flight. Oh another thing tis been a couple of days since my visit to the allotments and I'm still bloody well aching in places un-ached in before!

    Now I could have saved this for the 52 jobs in a year but by posting it now it'll hopefully spur me on to another task before the weekend..... High way robbery perchance? 




  1. Right on, John! I can hardly think of anything that can be much better for the soul than the tending of a piece of earth, the smelling of the soils, and fruits brought forth. Good man and good job. Looking forward to hear of your progress. Take care -

  2. May I suggest getting someone to MOW it before you tackle any digging. It will make the task seem much easier (even if it isn't). Secondly, find some bob-a-job brats, and set them to work.

    Thanks for posting those pix; they make my veg garden look pristine.

    1. Fortunately for moi I happen to know where I can lay my hands upon a strimmer of petroleum nature. As for bob a job cherubs, bugger that I need all the fresh air and exercise on offer! Though I am pleased that you feel happier with your veg garden, glad to be of service my good man.

  3. I love that path! May there be many more!

    1. Why thank ye me dear...I guess it's helping me on my own path too.

      Ooh hark at moi getting all deep n that...


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