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Friday, 14 February 2014


     Goodly folk of the blogosphere I crave your indulgence for as of the eighteenth hour of the fourteenth day of the month of February in the year of our Lord, two thousand and fourteen (that's today then) I shall be taking a leave of absence for a short but as of yet undetermined span of time. 

     But fret ye not for there is naught to concern thy selves with, no dip into darkness, just a need to recharge my batteries from all the hours worked within the fun factory of late. I shall still, hopefully, be touching base here and now but priorities are firstly rest and some life directional thinking. T'will also be dependent upon were my rotund body ends up in this country over the next days and whether or not there be tinternet coverage. 

So fair thee well fine folk, and we'll catch up soon. 



  1. Off with you then; we'll see you later!

  2. you can find my email on my blog - you know where I am xxxx take care lovvie xx

  3. A change is as good as a vacation....


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