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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hung Over


      Mmmm it would appear that I was the victim of a vessel of grog of dubious nature yesterday evening. Myself and a fellow engineer decided, rather impulsively I might add, to entertain ourselves with a quiet and supposedly brief visit across the border to the city of Deva for refreshment in the form, perhaps, of a finest vessel of grog and perchance a roasted suckling piglet for the day had been long and wearisome and fraught with many a danger. I woke this morning with which can only be described as a hangover from Hades, hence my statement about the quality of grog served last night, but then again, I would think that the law of averages would perhaps dictate that of one of the many, many vessels of grog consumed one of them must have been below par.

     So climbing from my pit at a somewhat later time than would normally be considered decent I ambled manfully to the allotment at which I'm helping out upon. It's amazing how a lazy wind, a bit of back breaking graft and some staunch coffee can return you back to the world of the living. As for the allotment, tis taking shape slowly. I've cleared a further area of debris and jungle and again used the technique of plastic sheeting covered with wood chippings, unfortunately today in my enthusiasm I've used up all the remaining communal stock of chippings and will have to await the next delivery methinks (as will some disgruntled fellow allomenters who cast several disapproving glances in my direction as I lugged barrow after barrow load of chippings away ho hum).

     So hangover or no tis been a productive afternoon and the promise of own grown food to come acts as a wonderful spur. Tis a nice feeling to be slowly returning to the real world and as I seem to be getting better and more of a grip upon what's truly important it does appear that other aspects of my life are beginning to fall into place to give my heart a lift. Sitting on the shed step and feeling my body ache t'was with a lighter heart than for a long time that I gazed out and thought about the future instead of a past now gone.



  1. There's nothing better than sitting back and looking over tangible progress you have made in the garden/allotment and feeling satisfaction for a job well done. Even more so when you have done the work when feeling under par :)

  2. Mmmmm under par being an under statement me thinks

  3. Well, at the pace they have to produce grog these days, it's understandable, now that I think about it, that there could be a bottle or two not up to snuff. And to think I am used to playing the "aging" card or blaming a momentary lapse in sense! Thanks for helping me figure this out.

  4. Always a pleasure to assist the afflicted Casey :)

  5. Did you sample any real ales in Deva, John? How much is a pint these days? The allotment looks great.

  6. Sampled copious amounts of Guinness and Mr. Daniel's whisky. Guinness about 3.25 per vessel my good man.
    Still a lot of work to be done on the allotment afore we can start planting but getting there methinks.

  7. Catching up with you... Been too long

    1. That it has John, nice to hear from you my good man.


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