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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

No longer a vagrant?

     Well I'll be damned! after the weekend's news that the premises that are my abode at this present time have received a very hard, for the owner in any case, offer to refuse thus meaning that myself and Bear would once again be looking for alternative accommodation, a most unexpected offer has been laid at my door (whilst I still have a door that be) by said property owner. I shan't expand any further on this offer as there is a lot of thought required by all parties concerned before it is to become concrete...if at all. But sufficient to say that I am feeling a tad more positive than this time yesterday.

     My last post was slightly blue (and I do not mean my usual anglo saxon!) and for this I apologise, tis not always easy for myself to lift my head and face the day when my mind is just trying to shut the world out but the comments received helped me realise that I am not the only one who feels this way at times so a thank you all for your kind words. 

     One thing I have found about blogging this time around, something that some folk fail to grasp, is that it is real and that people out there that are sharing thoughts, recipes, knowledge, well their lives, are real people and not some imaginary computer game. As long as you just write about your life as it is and try not to be something, or someone, online that you are not then you'll find this place somewhere enjoyable, somewhere to ask  and give help & advice, somewhere to share knowledge and even make friends. In my last escapade into blogging a few years ago I was guilty of been absorbed into the number of hits and comments, which probably partly led to my blog finishing as I was trying to be liked and popular. As I've said, upon an earlier post on this blog, this time stuff what people think of me for I am who I am, somebody who has been through and put the people who love him through hell. All I do here now is to ramble on about all and nothing and hopefully others who feel as low as I have done may take something from it as I try to rebuild a life.

     Speaking of rebuilding, my Ebay adventure is slowly gaining momentum and the sales of plundered trash er treasures has enabled me to purchase one of those new fangled timepieces. People that know my nature understand that I do not wear jewelry, no rings, wrist watches, bangles and certainly no medallion lies upon my hairy hobbit like chest. I do wear a simple reminder of a loved one around my neck upon a thin leather cord. I have seen far to many injuries in my time as a grease monkey to be comfortable with such adornments and with long sleeves for that matter. I also like old stuff, even older than me, so when a fellow pirate showed me his latest acquisition I was intrigued and I wanted one. Mike the Boar, as said pirate shall henceforth be known, is a creature of opportune and haunts the auction houses for the one deal that will allow him to leave this life of debauchery and ill gotten gain. Oh alright I'll get on with it, Mike the Boar had in his possession a gold plated fob or pocket watch dating from the early twentieth century which he tried to sell me for an unmentionably high sum of groats. I beat a hasty retreat from the rather one sided negotiation avoiding my usual habit of impulse buying anything shiny bright. So here's the Ebay connection (got there in the end) and after several attempts to purchase such an item I've finally settled upon this little beauty... I do not profess to know much about such matters so I took my time over the last few weeks, even doing some research on hallmarks and manufacturers and the like but to be honest all that went out of the window when I came across this one. So yes I was prepared to be disappointed when it arrived but I need not have concerned myself. Firstly my homework now allows me tell you a little about the watch;- it is sterling silver and bears the mark for Birmingham, manufactured by one Alfred Bedford whilst working for the Waltham watch company, and it is dated, as far as I can tell, as either 1847 or 1899 the later date methinks being the more likely as there is an engraving upon the inner back cover which seems to support this. The engraving reads "Presented to Mr. P. Clancy by the members of St. Patrick's Gaelic clubroom in recognition of his services Dec 25th 09". The style, I believe, is a hunter's watch as the face is also protected with a silver cover. But for me the watch feels right in my hand or pocket for that matter, it is reassuringly heavy and keeps excellent time. It has not been over-cleaned nor abused but it does have the marks of time all over it (pardon the pun). When all is said and done it feels as if it belongs in my pocket. What this watch has also done for me is to rekindle my love of old, but still usable items so hopefully I'll be bringing you more 'antiques' that I shall be using day to day.

     Told you that I ramble, well the weather has been appalling of late so there are no updates for the allotment I am afraid although I have potted up four dwarf cider apple trees that  I have er ahem recently acquired. But I'll be buggered if I'm going outside in this weather to take pictures for you lot! So, after plans to go a visiting  this evening have been thwarted, I am settling in for the evening to cook my dinner, drink copious amounts of tea and write some long overdue emails. Fare thee well.



  1. Totally agree with you that there is a lot of friendship, support and folk with shared interests to be found among the blogging community. I write my blog as a kind of diary for myself but also so that my family can keep up with what is happening here as they live a good distance away, if other people want to read about my small life that is fine by me too :)
    The thing I have found with blogging and reading other people's blogs is that you can have a whole community of friends online even if you live in the middle of nowhere. We are so lucky to be able to connect with others this way, but like you say you have to be honest about yourself and what you write about, it doesn't matter if it's mundane everyday ponderings, we are all just really nosey at the heart of it, and like to peek into the minutiae of someone else's life. I always think blog friends are a bit like penfriends but without having the hassle of waiting for letters to arrive, and you get to connect with people all over the world, it certainly makes the world a much smaller place:)
    The pocket watch is great, I love things with a bit of social history to them, and it's great to bring stuff back into every day use again!

    1. Thanks Dreamer,
      Tis true that the world seems a much smaller place these days, whether it's because of ease of travel or communication. It's far to easy to be caught up in the faster bigger better? world of today I guess that's why I'm renewing my interest in older stuff... Hey my next post may be by pigeon?

  2. I have stopped wearing a wrist watch; something I would never have though possible 10 years ago. Those silver fob watches are ripe for a 'come-back'. And being plentiful for about £25 a piece (I hope you didn't pay more), they are within everyone's reach. Nice watch!

    1. Cheers Cro,
      £25? You're having a laugh, this little bugger cost a tad more than that but yes there far more available for around that figure.

    2. Woops; maybe it's just the broken ones that are £25.


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