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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Task 2 of 52...

      Ah a small task completed for 52 things in 52 weeks...actually started cooking food again instead of buying takeaways, microwave meals and other such healthy options. A simple enough thing I know but for me it marks another improvement, another step forward if you like. And what dire fare did I concoct for my first meal? 

     Well again simple enough, I first softened some onions and one chilli pepper in some butter, with a touch of olive oil to stop the butter burning. 

     To this I added some chopped steak which I took the time to brown. Wish I had smelly ap on this as it smelt mighty fine to a starving nethandral like myself.

      To this I added what ever veg I had that looked past its best;- sprouting potatoes, softish carrots, wilted celery, 50p bargain leaks and a couple of cloves of dog eared garlic.

     I then mixed a couple of tablespoons of ordinary flour into half a jug of water (I don't do measuring), added a veg stock cube with seemed to have been loitering around for decades and banged it in the oven on a medium heat.

     All the time I was preparing this I was watched in fascination by a certain individual, not sure whether it was cooking nounce she was interested in or that it was time to hit the trails.

    So to the trails it was, a couple of hours getting soaked to the bone and then back to....

     bloody delicious and very warming, success ha aha.



  1. He** yeah! I came home to "warm up some left overs," but lucky me, there were cookies warm and chewy just out of the oven! Love the photo you have of Bramble at the bottom of your page. What a beaut!

    1. What's chewy my good man, across the pond here it's slang for chewing gum? And yes Bramble is special, though a right sod at times, just as Trapper is to you my friend.

    2. Oh and don't bother with blotting out your blaspheming...tis more than welcome

  2. Well done, a huge step forward from grabbing ready made food, bet you enjoyed that after a good walk in the outdoors!

  3. 52 small steps John sounds like a bloody good idea to me...each step tip-toeing in the right direction...and home cooked food, you can't beat it, so much better than all that processed crap that just clogs us up and makes us feel sluggishly crap...fresh air and good food will help towards lifting the spirits and recovery...oh and apparently 'cuddling' literally kills depression according to a quote I read today, and relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system...that is one theory I am sure as hell gonna have to test out!
    Jen x

  4. Next time use red wine instead of the floury water.

  5. Sounds and looks good John. It's what your body needs not what your mind wants. One pot cooking is great. We some times pour a can of Newcastle Brown or stout over meat. It's excellent!

  6. Thank you one and all for your comments and the you've spared to make them, especially about added t' alcohol ;-)

  7. Stew looks awesome.
    Simple food can be elegant.


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