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Monday, 21 April 2014

Shout out Monday

     Now then, I may well be a boring old fart and what I have to blog about may indeed hold absolutely no interest for you folk out there but there are many other interesting, warm, exceptional, educational, humorous and beautifully written blogs around which may well appeal to many of you. 

      So henceforth, on every Monday, I shall be bringing to your attention far better blogs than this here load of twaddle. They may already be known to you but they be gems yet undiscovered by your goodly selves. 

     I have a wide and varied selection from which to make my first humble offering for your delectation, but my first reading recommendation for you to enjoy is written by Rachel. On her blog Rachel will make you smile inwardly and sometimes laugh out loud with her wry and honest outlook on the world around her. From her writing you will find a warmth, that is sometimes tinged with sadness, that will draw you into her world and make you want to settle down and read with a brew and piece of cake not too far away. So go on and take a visit to Rachel's blog here and let her warmth welcome you. 

Till the next time, take care and especially of those whom you love. 



  1. Aaarrrrgggghhhh John, you bad lad! The pressure to perform is huge!! I've had a few comments from visitors from here so thanks :-) and sorry if I disappoint!! Xxx

  2. Well you'd best be pulling your socks up me dear :-)

  3. I always like finding a good surprise. Thanks....

  4. HI John I think this idea of your is a great one. I think it is always good to thanks people and if someone/ something/ has touched you in anyway, it is good to share it with others.

    1. Love to be able to take the credit but that lies with a blogger I knew in the past.


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