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Monday, 28 April 2014

Shout out Monday....

     Greetings fellow bloggers and welcome to the second installment of 'shout out Monday' where I hope to introduce you to blogs that are far more deserving and, to be brutally honest, far more interesting than my meagre offering. Last week twas the turn of Rachel at Eternally 28 and I'm hoping you're enjoying her warm and humorous blog.

    This weeks humble offering is an entirely different kettle of fish, as the author is not what you may think. I first followed this blog in my previous life before the black dog had rendered my mind asunder and I lost my way in the world. I only came across it again the other day and it still holds a certain charm. 

       So without any further ado or girding of the loins this week's shout out is for the blog of William the lurcher whose thoughts and doggy adventures are to found here. Though maybe not everyone's cup of, and no blog is, this is a must for dog lovers as William's adventures are chronicled by his long suffering owner er I mean secretary. So if you're canine companion requires a lift let them take a peek at William's blog and soon their tail will be wagging once more. 

Till the next time, take care. 




  1. Thanks for the shout out John - my Secretary and I are very pleased to be mentioned on your blog /(^.^)\

  2. Just had a peek, looks like he has his humans well trained :)

  3. Whatever happened to your lurcher willow!

    1. She has remained with my ex wife, not an easy decision but at the time seemed the best one. I'm not certain I'm going to publish any more comments by anonymous as it feels uncomfortable not having a name to relate too, maybe I'm just feeling over sensitive tonight at the mention of deeds past.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation - I will check it out :)


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