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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Task 3 of 52


      I owe you an apology. Spurred on by an idea from Dreamer's blog, Living a slow and simple life , I commenced to endeavour to complete one task every week for a year. Hopefully managing to amass a bucket full of tasks large and small and report an update every Sunday. Now I could say that I've done this on the allotment or walking through peaceful woodland but these would be sort of coping out I feel. The idea, I think,  is to complete something that's needed finishing, start something new or attempt something out of the blue. So I'm going to give it another go and if you, gentle reader, would give me a prod to remind myself of any more lapsing it would be genuinely appreciated. 

      So this week's task of 52 is two fold, firstly part is to start the tasks again, tick, and secondly is to offer you my first attempt at poetry (oh stop sniggering at the back). Inspired by my good friend across the pond Casey I'm attempting Haiku. So here goes, task 3 of 52 my first Haiku...... 

Darkest canine growl
Behind me breathing rancid 
Future peace awaits

                                          J.Wooldridge 2014 

      Till tomorrow's shout out, take damn good care of yourselves. 



  1. Excellent go at something new, John. And you ended it on what can be considered an optimistic note, which says something of your present state of mind. If you had lines 1 and 3 switched around, it would be a sign of bleaker things to come.

    I would say you have done very well with your first go at going public with a haiku. As simple as they seem, the farther one digs, the more magical they can become. Alright, enough blabbering, I do that enough at my own space.

    Take care -

  2. Praise indeed my friend, and I never considered your words as blabbering.

  3. I truly wish that my wife would try to complete one task per week. I would even settle for one a month. There are started and never finished projects all over our house. She starts so enthusiastically and then...gets bored.

    1. Ah You would not change her for the world Maria :)

  4. No pressure to keep up with the projects John, just join in as and when you feel like.
    Like the haiku, keep that dark canine behind you :)

  5. Thanks Dreamer, I have a feeling the dog will be stalking me for some time yet but perhaps losing his bite a little lately? Well I hope so at least.

  6. A wonderful idea of yours John. I like the Haiku and beautiful photo :)

    1. Not my idea Robin, but thank you for the praise of the poem n photo.


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