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Monday, 5 May 2014

Shout out Monday....

      Now I only have a few minutes to scribe this post so if the to be shouted out blogger is dissatisfied at my words he can bribe me with cider and I might just redo my words, though be warned twill take copious amounts of the amber nectar. 

      Ok so this week's shout out is for Casey's blog, The book of Casey to be found here. I've known Casey, albeit electronically, for a few years now and we have become friends as kindred spirits sometimes do when lady luck brings them together. We have so many similarities in our lives I feel at times that we could have been cast from the same mould. 

      As I have, Casey has felt an urge to express himself and share his world and like me he has written several different blogs never seemingly satisfied with the end product so abandoning each one until being drawn back to write, and The book of Casey is as honest as any you will read. If you allow yourself to be emersed in his words and also his poetry you'll see the world through the eyes of someone who is ordinary, charming and has a deep connection with nature. Allow yourself the time to read his posts slowly and let his world gradually captivate your mind.

       Maybe it's cheating to shout out for a friend but like Casey I'm far from perfect and anyways tis a fact that I'm a pirate so the rules are there to be mis-interpreted. Till the next time fare thee well. 



  1. I enjoy Casey's writing and photo's too :)

  2. Not sure I've earned a shout out, my friend, but thank you for the sentiments, and when I make my way to hills and paths of Wales, I'll be lookin' for you. 'Cause you know where the good cider's to be had, no?

    Thanks, John. All the best -

  3. Thanks for the shout.
    I'm sure I'll enjoys Casey's thoughts.


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