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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bump in the night....

      So there I was Thursday night beavering away in the fun factory feeling pretty good about the approaching weekend and with a certain spring in my step when everything came crashing down....literally!

     Just finished a brew in the early hours of the morning and I was returning my mobile phone thingy (mobile? just seems another thing to tie one's life down) to my locker and the next thing to remember was one of my colleagues lifting me off the floor and the feeling of warm liquid running through my hair. It seems I had passed out, smashing the crown of my head against the sharp edge of my locker door. Later reckonings put my time on the floor without consciousness at twenty minutes or so. 

     So I found myself sitting in A&E at the Maelor hospital not knowing what the hell had happened and a little scared to be honest. After being prodded and poked and wired up to machines that went beep in a most worrying irregular manner there was much puzzlement to be seen upon the medical staffs faces for there was nothing to be found that would cause my loss of awareness and unfortunately bladder control (bugger, I definitely was not going to mention that bit, very demeaning). So observation was required and I now find myself expelled from the hospital today with no more idea as to why and what had happened. 

    Why do I tell you this? because my spell in hospital has caused me to lose something that'll not be regained and I feel that my life and outlook upon others lives will now never be the same.

    So seriously take care of those you love, one day you may run out of the chance to show them.


Footnote..... They say that the NHS in this country is failing, you should see what they have to put up with after the clubs kick out and with what care they attended to myself and others under stressful circumstance....they are wonderful.


  1. Hope you are fully recovered now. Have a great weekend.

  2. We've had a few NHS experiences here over the last few years and I agree- they work really hard in often tough conditions.

    John, it could just be the intense heat of the last few days and not enough water intake. Bodies can pass out for simple reasons as well as significant ones. Hormones being another classic (for men as well as women), so do try not to worry while of course keeping an eye on yourself.

  3. Good to hear that you're OK. As for the UK's hospitals, I don't know why patients aren't assessed between accident, illness, and self-inflicted. Anyone coming under the last category should be asked how they would like to pay.... or be kicked out.

  4. Stress and God knows you've been under a lot lately, can cause a drop in blood pressure and that can lead to passing out. I was just out on the net looking at just that a few minutes ago. I went out to the American Heart Association site and looked there. They would know if anybody would.

  5. Did they do a general blood test too john?

  6. Is it possible you had a seizure? I've had two unexplained seizures in my life, and although mine were grand mal, not all seizures cause convulsions. I understand how scary losing consciousness can be. Sorry to hear this happened to you, and I sincerely hope it's a one-time thing.

    You should treasure the NHS. Medical care here in the USA is a nightmare. I would give almost anything to have nationalized health care. You are lucky! :)

  7. So sorry to hear about your passing out incident John. Hope you feel a lot better soon. Take care.

  8. Damn, Sam! That's some strong brew. Take a bit of your own advice to us, if you aren't already - take care of yourself and your'n. Eat and sleep well. I've seen something similar out of the blue, and it was potassium deficiency. It's too bad physicians come up with "we're not sure..." - that crap happens all the time over here. Anyway - all the best to you.

  9. I hope you're feeling better John and life is easing up on you.

  10. "So seriously take care of those you love, one day you may run out of the chance to show them."

    Thanks for the reminder, John. Am trying to do & remember just that... Tho' sometimes I might do better.

    Sorry about your recent scare, stint in the hospital, and truly hope you're doing better. (Have seen you -- or the visitors via your blog link -- visiting at my blog in the stats section, so have stopped on in out of curiosity... You are a certainly a creative one!

  11. Well well there are a couple of wayward souls out there who care. Thank you all for your concern and kind words, apologies for not publishing your comments earlier but to be honest all I seem to have done over the last few days is to sleep, sleep and more sleep. Starting to feel upon the mend now and back in the fun factory on light duties although views tend to differ what duties are light! Hopefully I'll be embellishing the blogosphere with more tales soon.

  12. Sounds like a drop in blood pressure to me. Might want to buy a small wrist pressure cuff and monitor yourself for a few days just to be sure....


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