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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Re - Quest for knowledge.....

     Well knock me down with a feather and call me Mr. Fluffy Bunnykins! My previous post, asking for my readers (yes there is more than one) aid in identifying the flora n fauna that I encounter whilst clumping around the trail, has indeed been positive to say the very least and this here caveman has three pieces of the wildlife jigsaw that he can now identify. I am a tad worried though, that if I put more beasties and plants up to be identified my three functional brain cells my not be able to store more knowledge so as a new wee beastie or plant name is revealed earlier information gleaned may well just fall out of my head, me thinks I need to take notes!

     But your kind comments were also a catalyst for me to chase up the names given and look them up myself upon the tinternet, being bereft of field books as I am. So I found myself learning far more than names and instead found myself discovering some facts about range, habits, and even where some of the names originate from. I can now confidently, ish, stride forth and name three (ok I'm not too bad on mammals and fish, you know cow, sheep, unicorn......) pieces of the wildlife jigsaw. I feel that as I once more become at one with nature that, with your help, I'll be looking at it with eyes more open... so thank you for that and I think that I'm going to make 'Quest for knowledge' a regular feature here.

     Speaking of fellow bloggers help you may have noticed, via the comments, that there is a small group of us that are trying to improve our physical and mental health and there is developing quite a rapport between as we offer support to each other, some tongue in cheek admittedly. I guess we all have our reasons for doing this, mine is to help fight the Black Dog, but I'm thinking of extending mine and perhaps others efforts and progress onto a separate page (not that I've done much with my other pages). If you would perhaps like to help, join in, contribute to this page or just laugh at this rotund caveman's stumbling efforts then perhaps it may be worth doing.... thoughts? 

     And just to check to see if my poor shrivelled brain can retain more than three items of natural knowledge here's a picture I took some time ago, 12 months ago actually, for your appraisal and to test your knowledge....

Me thinks tis one for Casey...

Till the next time, take care,


Stop the press.... One of the aforementioned "small group" has gazumped me idea and already got such a page up and running here, curse you GW I thought I was being original an all that! 


  1. Grr, aargh, yikes! And here I thought I was typing away there all by my lonesome! But yes, good that we encourage each other.

    In the rural area where I grew up, we called the larger ones artist conks. Because they'd often wind up on our fireplace mantles with artwork carved in. So much fun!

    The other? I may be way off; could it be "chicken of the woods" -- love mushrooms, but they scare me! Perhaps because my brain is now mush and can't ever be sure if I am remembering the right one!

  2. Probably proper spelling would be conch, but what stuck in my brain when I heard people talking about them then is how it sounds...

  3. Sure, put me on the spot! Well then. Looks like the this is the bottom of a cut oak tree? The brown stuff may be what we call Leaf Jelly (in the latin 'Tremella' family). I can't tell if the larger pale shelves are fresh, but to me they don't look it, as mold is growing on top of them. So, being as aged 'shrooms are harder to ID than fresh, we'll have to consider this is a shelf that grows a different colored edge (where the mold stops), so let's try Redbelt, Sulfur Shelf or Birch Maze-Gill (US names). Hope I've pointed you in the right direction.

  4. Still looking forward to see what you come up with for your such a page...

    (I'm a bit bored with mine...)


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