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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Black Dog meets its nemesis ....

Everything in balance.....

 Till the next time, take care...



  1. "Everything in balance....."

    Good one.

    P.S. Love you, Bear!

  2. Oh Julee, poor Brambles will be most distraught at being called a handsome boy, she's my gorgeous girl x

  3. Just found you are 'back'. I liked your post about silence, there is something very powerful in silence which is probably why some monks/nuns practise it. I tried to read up more on it but they were all religious based. I prefer the idea of nature and silence although to be fair, too much silence dries me nuts! Life is just generally too noisy as are our homes, indeed, electrical noise can be found to be intolerable to some people but they don't realise it. You strike me as a man who enjoys nature and all she has to offer. Years ago, I am sure that is why those who found everyday life just too difficult, took
    themselves off into the wilderness to commune with nature. She has a lot to tell us if we would just listen more. I'm sorry your black dog is once again biting at you and hope you can find a way to silence it or tune it out. It is too easy for people to not understand how debilitating it can be, but those of us who have been there and for some, continue to be there, we understand!

  4. Those black dogs aren't intimidated easily, but my dog, Socks, can take the edge off.

  5. Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend. - Sarah Dessen

  6. I have a beautiful four legged friend, seen me through the darkest of days. Bramble looks like she has too. x anon


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