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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alter Ego .....

     I sometimes think that bloggers often use their blogs as a medium of expressing who they would like to be and not actually who, exactly, they really are. This is just my thought and is a generalisation and is not a reflection of all bloggers. Maybe I hold this opinion based upon my own early personal experience of blogging. I first started a blog some years ago called "Musings of Murphyfish" and what started out as a time filler soon became an obsession of wanting to be liked, how many comments, how many views and how people perceived me became the be all and end all. My walking in the wild places became not an escape from the world and my then, unknown to me, deteriorating mind but instead a hunt for a special picture that I just 'happened' to have come across, the sighting of some piece of flora or fauna with which to impress the reader with my consummate (many thumbed books and internet searches later) knowledge of  in my 'happy ramblings'. I couldn't see it then but when I bothered to search out 'Musings' the other day it was obvious that I'd become lost in the writing and not in the doing, so to speak and the blog was little more than a sham. Having said that, when I read the posts now I realise signs were on show of my failing mind and I wish I'd have stopped the writing before I'd started. I'd delete that blog now but I don't have the passwords to log in and I have no idea how to get to it's dashboard, maybe it's for the best as it will always be a reminder to try and keep this blog what it is, hopefully real, sometimes entertaining and perhaps of help to some people who also strive with the Black Dog . Hopefully dear reader you'll help me keep feet upon terra firma.

     Speaking of alter egos, I've been thinking of writing some fiction based upon a person not unlike myself but who is thrown into situations that may take some fanciful explanation and a little tongue in cheek story lines. Not sure whether or not to post these stories or just keep them locked away but at least I'll have the escape of letting my alter ego have the adventures that I can only dream about and hence keep this blog on course, we'll see.

     So without further ado or the milking of the fatted calf let me introduce to the world.....Jon, the adventurous engineer, Ta daaa.... 

     Jon is pictured in an Armani brushed rouge work cap, his overall is a custom one piece suit produced for Jon exclusively in 'cobalt blue' with 'sun blushed' orange highlights by Alexander Wang, which sits sublimely over his titanium toe capped Doctor Martens classic black boots. The ensemble is complemented with silk boxer shorts from Hermes and an 'enlightened white' silk muscle shirt from Versace. His only accessory on this shoot is the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. Jon's aroma is enhanced with Brut splash body lotion as he is not one for the, ahem, "grand gesture".  
     So with nothing better to say at this late hour I wish you all peace in your lives, take care...


Credit to fashion designer and advisor to the royal family of Olduniam, Beverley Jayne for Jon's work wear.



  1. I don't know whether to have a look at your old blog or not.... I do know I always enjoy reading this one. L would approve of Jon the Adventurous Engineer. Our house is full of small lego people, although mostly packed away in boxes now that the boys have hit their teens! :o)

    1. The old blog had some good points but it's past history these days. It still holds some very painful memories in places and I find it hard to take in when reading.
      Oh Lego men....maybe a motley crew of fellow adventurous mini folk could accompany Jon upon his forth coming adventure?

    2. For sure- you know you can get knights and pirates? All sorts. And the odd lego lady :o)

      If the old blog is painful, I should bin it. Simples x

  2. LOL! (enjoy your alter ego's fancy wear) Yup. You are a creative one.

    Hmm... I think you've just pointed out that there is a lot of good that could be learned by blogging for others -- if only there was the inclination and time to put more solid content into it! However, curiously I find instead my mind gets a little squirrelly from blogging and living for comments -- it doesn't seem healthy sometimes. I both share too much and yet not enough... (Like I'm doing right now!) It makes me uneasy too.

    Before the age of the internet and getting married, I used to spend my weekends off work doing grand adventures in wild areas -- often alone -- but in my tent in the evening overlooking the bears in the berry patches or some other grand view, I would write postcards to others to share the experience. So isn't blogging a bit the same? Except that time spent on a computer keeps you away from the grand adventure?

    Life needs to be led more with taking care of what is to be done offline, I'll agree with you on that!

  3. A P.S. to previous comment I left... Whether you took your photos for us, your viewers, or for yourself, there is no denying that they are beautiful snapshots of times you experienced yourself. Thanks for sharing them.

    Sorry if I'm a little too serious today! Offline life is calling.

  4. Been with you since Musings. If you don't post your stories, maybe compile them into a book. As far as Northern California Trout is concerned, what you read is what you get. My alter ego - John Rambo.

  5. Jon the adventurous engineer is looking a little square there. Positively Blocky :)

  6. HI John, Always a pleasure reading your blogs whether they are from the past or now ,you are a very creative writer and express your thoughts and ideas very well. ..keep up the good work. .and your photographs are always a pleasure to see. Take care ** BW

  7. Hi John,

    I really thought I'd joined your blog but have only just discovered it. That sentence didn't make sense.....anyway, here I am and I agree with you, or at least that is my strong suspicion. I swear a lot but that is definitely not reflected on mine. When I started, I thought my readership would be completely different from what it actually is and I was worried I would put off the biblical minded, horse obsessed ladies who might buy my drawings. Things have evolved since I now feel that to start talking in a different voice.

    Jon's work-wear is a triumph by the way.

  8. Yes one of the things that I was unfamiliar with previously and struck me as soon I started my blog was editorial power. You can paint the events in your own colors. But BLOG is short for weB- Log and serves as a LOG, as in a diary or journal. A record of what you been doing, and a reference so you can go back and remember when you did something or how you did it. So getting to caught up in fictions and loose thoughts does no one any good and only muddles things up and makes it difficult to tell the difference between fact or fiction. Best keep the eyes up looking out on the road. You can't drive and stay in your lane if you keep looking at your feet second guessing what they are doing.


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