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Friday, 14 November 2014

At the dogs......

     It must be over thirty odd years since I have been to the dogs, and before yea start associating this post with le chien noir let me reassure you that these canine tales could not be further from my tales of an unhinged mind and a drowning soul. But in a way the Black dog is responsible for my forthcoming tales of ' At the dogs...' that will sometimes frequent these hallowed pages I scribe as the memories of the dogs came flooding back just the other week when visiting me mum and dad. They always inquire about my state of mind and worry far too much over my health, but that's parents I guess. They keep me informed of my brother's and sister's goings on but recently talk of my brother is somewhat strained between us as they see him as their son and as such forgive him all, as they do me, yet I have come to see him as something else, something estranged and lost to me. But maybe that will be a tale for more sombre times. These days, after the ritual of making sure that I am still just about sane, the conversation primarily falls to times past when the Wooldridge clan's worries seemed few and far between and that is how the subject of going the the dogs, 'flapping tracks' and of skullduggery arose. If ye have not already guessed the subject of  these soon to be forthcoming tales then I shall ease your suspense and tell you that it is the subject of greyhound racing to which I refer.

     Indeed for many years the Wooldridge clan were somewhat noteworthy and , dare I say, notorious in the greyhound racing fraternity of the North West of England. Our greyhounds raced at exotic locations such as Chester, Oldham, Bolton, Chesterfield and Winsford to name but a few. The majority of these tracks were flapping tracks, that is to say privately run tracks and not the glamorous arenas  to be seen upon the television upon occasion, where there was a semblance of civility presented to the viewing public. Oh no indeed, for the flapping tracks were where all the least desired of human 'virtues' such as greed, lies, cheating, dishonesty and sometimes violence shone out and were just part and parcel of 'going to the dogs'. So how did a basically honest family with a strong code of right and wrong thrive in such company without succumbing to these low virtues? I guess it came down to strength of character as well as physical strength plus a little devilment that seems to run through the Wooldridge blood. So hopefully my next few posts will enlighten you and provide even a wry smile or two as your education on the subject of 'the dogs' continues.....

Until the next time, take care....



  1. I've missed you, glad your back x

  2. Hey your back. Was just thinking about you the other day and now up you pop. x

  3. Hi John ,nice to see your back .Looking forward to reading all about "The dogs" ..
    Had a little time growing up with greyhounds myself ,a family I often spent holidays with were racing them here .
    Take care BW*

  4. I have nothing against dog racing. Dog FIGHTING is a different story.

    1. I whole heartily agree Mr Smythe, people who indulge in such 'sport' as dog fighting should be thrown to the very dogs they use.

  5. Dog racing has never appealed; nor has horse racing either!


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