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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Done n dusted...

     Well that's it, my stint at the not so 'Fun Factory' is at an end for this year and for the first time in many years I shall not be working overtime during the Christmas break. My mind has been dark and so bloody tired whilst my body has fallen into a state of being permanently knackered over the past few months, to be honest I have truly been at the end of my tether will little to spark an interest in the world around me. When my new Engineering manager asked what hours I'd be working I politely told him that he could take his OT and place it where the Sun no longer shines, after all, enough is enough.

     So hopefully the three, yes three!, weeks that I have to myself will allow me to take some steps forward and repair some of the damage the Dog has done of late. I have no firm plans though I'm hoping that the pain in my knees will ease and allow me to walk the terrible twosome in the hills as they are definitely becoming far too use to this sedentary life they're enjoying at the moment....

     I am sure that the walking will also do me some good, there is something soothing and restful that I find when walking with Mother Nature and I miss that terribly so. As for anything else? well I'll not be making any plans to be honest but just some time to myself to take stock and find some sort of direction. One thing that I will definitely not be doing though is thinking too hard about the past if I can help it, because that always screws me up and allows the dog to bite my hairy arse! I need to find my mojo, so to speak, and start looking forward instead of behind me at the misery that seems to follow me. 

     Perhaps I will find something that I've lacked for many a long time....

     Until the next time, take care....



  1. Ah, don't the dogs look cute curled up together? When my knees were bad I bought some leg size (comes in different sizes) Elasticated tube bandage and put a double bit on each area (several inches excess), found it helped a little.

  2. Those girls are soooo sweet- lovely to see them all tucked up together. I think you're right- forget the past, it's done and dusted. Best look up and forward x

  3. I have also had a dodgy knee and it has been hell on earth as the 2 sites I work at have stairs to get from A to B. I make sure I use orthopaedic inserts which keep your feet aligned + use shoes that have good shock absorption. Going down hill is a nightmare so I have kept my walks shortened and on the level. Have you tried a walking stick ( the rambling/hill walking sort) I find them a godsend. Do try to get out into the fresh air even if it is only a short walk as it will lift your spirits. Its no fun getting older with all the joint pains etc. Our damp wet climate does not help. Your 2 dogs look like best friends already, I have always been told that 2 bitches do not always get on together but yours dispel this. Mentally put the black dog into his kennel and throw away the key so that you can enjoy the break you have in front of you.

    “What day is it?"
    It's today," squeaked Piglet.
    My favourite day," said Pooh.”
    ― A.A. Milne
    Happy Christmas John

  4. Nothing better to pick up ones spirit than telling your boss to shove it. In my 40 plus years I was able to do that one and man did it feel good. I love the penguin/polar bear shot. Made me smile.

  5. I look forward to the time when I'll be re-united with the folks I care about who've gone on before me. That day comes closer with each passing sunset. That makes troubled times a bit easier to deal with and the years that I have left more precious.

  6. Look forward to reading about your rambles John. Please take some photos and wax lyrically about your canine pals and the wonderful countryside.


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