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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Allotment ...... Post 6

     Quite a shock awaited for me as I pulled up to the allotment t'other day. Yes it had been a good while since my last visit but hey there was nothing to check upon apart from the budding wildflower meadow I'm trying to cultivate under and around my young cider trees. What I'd overlooked in my inexperience in such matters was the condition of the soil. My basic research has led me to believe that wildflower meadows require poor soils with little or none enrichment, certainly not of the man made varieties. unfortunately for me I'd overlooked the fact that my meadow to be was previously a cultivated allotment and the soil was probably teaming with bleedin fertilizers, horse muck residue and the like and the sight that greeted me as I pulled up in 'Flat cap car' was worthy of only one word......BUGGER!!

     This meadow cultivating mularkey has obviously more to it than what meets the eye. But not to panic, oh no I'm made of stern stuff me. My research has also let me glean that about now is the time to be cutting the wildflower grass and dock meadow down and then keeping it cut until the growing season is over, basically replicating a meadow used for summer grazing. So firing up my new boy's toy, me petrol strimmer, I set to with some gusto and attacked the meadow sectionally scything it down to a 'grazed height' and raking as much of the cut matter up as possibly to avoid it returning goodness to the soil.

     The whole plot was cut down to size over two days and now I have to visit it regularly with strimmer and rake to replicate grazing. A positive point is that the two original apple cider trees on the plot look like they are going to provide me with enough poundage to produce a couple of gallons of cider this year which will be nice. I'm not expecting much off them next year as they are due for a much needed heavy pruning this autumn once their skirts have dropped.

      I have several varieties of wildflower seed to sow in the meadow including Yellow Rattle which should be an interesting addition to the meadow. These I should be sowing at the end of August to mid September if all goes to plan. Resident flowers that this plant imbecile has managed to identify at the moment are buttercup, dandelion and clover, oh and also cowslip that I introduced myself. Not a wildflower meadow as of yet but time and cider should see me through.

Till next time, take care all.


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pondering on nights...

     Once again I find myself with a moment to ponder life whilst my tired body aches in protest halfway through a far too busy nightshift. I certainly have made a mess of things whilst failing to cope with or understand my depression. Not only has my life been turned upside down but also the lives of those who love me deeply.

     But as I learn to manage living with the black dog I am beginning to understand a little more about myself and what this ageing pirate requires to keep himself sane and, dare I even contemplate this, happy once again.

      And to be honest I don't believe it's unobtainable. Yes it's going to take time and many more turns of the roller coaster but I'm beginning to believe it will happen and I'm slowly beginning to believe in myself. 

      Spurred on from my friend from across the pond, Casey, I'm walking the trails again and picking up natures tune once more. Although I have to say a walk less than a tenth of what I could stride six years ago (its been that long? bugger) now has me breathing through my arse and every other orifice, trying to wring as much oxygen as possible from the scorched air. There is nothing better for calming a troubled soul than being alone in the deepest part of the forest watching a fox and her cubs glide ghost like by whilst trying to control your ragged breathing, or finding myself wading through cooling surf on a tourist free beach on yns Mon just the other day. It is good to be walking again. But it's not just the walking, I've spent some time on my cider allotment again and I'll be posting about that shortly, I'm beginning to take charge of my diet and am slowly starting to eat simple and healthy at long last, I've managed to stop something that was very counter productive to my mental well being and that was drinking to blurr my pain.... Tis better to feel and face it me thinks. But the best feeling I've had in such a long long time was saying goodnight to my love tonight on the phone and hearing her sweet voice saying goodnight in return... 

      Yep tis a simple life for this pirate from now on, and I'll be damned if I'm going to balls it up again. Let's be honest here, I'm too old and too bleeding ugly these days so if my love will hold me close again who  am I to say no to happiness?

     Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones and remember this life is not a dress rehearsal... It's the real thing.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bump in the night....

      So there I was Thursday night beavering away in the fun factory feeling pretty good about the approaching weekend and with a certain spring in my step when everything came crashing down....literally!

     Just finished a brew in the early hours of the morning and I was returning my mobile phone thingy (mobile? just seems another thing to tie one's life down) to my locker and the next thing to remember was one of my colleagues lifting me off the floor and the feeling of warm liquid running through my hair. It seems I had passed out, smashing the crown of my head against the sharp edge of my locker door. Later reckonings put my time on the floor without consciousness at twenty minutes or so. 

     So I found myself sitting in A&E at the Maelor hospital not knowing what the hell had happened and a little scared to be honest. After being prodded and poked and wired up to machines that went beep in a most worrying irregular manner there was much puzzlement to be seen upon the medical staffs faces for there was nothing to be found that would cause my loss of awareness and unfortunately bladder control (bugger, I definitely was not going to mention that bit, very demeaning). So observation was required and I now find myself expelled from the hospital today with no more idea as to why and what had happened. 

    Why do I tell you this? because my spell in hospital has caused me to lose something that'll not be regained and I feel that my life and outlook upon others lives will now never be the same.

    So seriously take care of those you love, one day you may run out of the chance to show them.


Footnote..... They say that the NHS in this country is failing, you should see what they have to put up with after the clubs kick out and with what care they attended to myself and others under stressful circumstance....they are wonderful.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Still alive.....

     Greetings mortals,

     Just the briefest of posts to let you of the blogosphere know that although the voyage of this piratical scriber continues at a pace it does appear that there may well be a safe berth looming upon the horizon and I be tacking towards it with all haste. Forgive my lack of correspondence upon your delightful blog posts but I have a shortage of bottles in which to send my scribings upon this life's ocean of many currents and swells.  

Till the next time take care,