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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bugger, nay thrice Bugger ...

     Well time has moved on this year and after an enforced absence from work for more than a couple of months, courtesy of the Black dog, tomorrow sees a return to the grind for yours truly, bugger. Am I ready for it? I have found myself asking this many times lately and to be perfectly honest I am not entirely sure. Yes I feel much better after time away from the Fun factory with days filled with walking, time in the garden, simple food and plenty of soul searching. Yes I feel better but I know the bitch will not be far away awaiting that moment of weakness that once again allows her to grab my mind and take it from me. Will things be different this time around? well I certainly hope so, with myself being more aware of some of the traps laid by the Black dog I hope that it will be harder for her to wrest my mind away as easily as she has been able to do so over recent years, time will tell.

      Speaking of dogs remember the pictures (here) of a certain Miss Bear attempting to lure the prim & prude Nelly into filthiest pools of what very loosely could be described as water? Well yesterday we took a stroll under the trees and around the Meres at Delamere Forest and finally Nelly found temptation to much to handle. For the lovers of clean, well groomed dogs be advised that the following pictures carry a 'OS' warning.....

     The smell from the rear of 'Flat cap man's car' was indeed something to behold and open windows were the order of the day. So it does indeed appear that Nelly has succumbed to the dark side after resisting its temptation for so long, may the stench be with her, bugger.

     Not really much news in other areas, the wildlife garden has taken a battering from the elements of late but finally seems to be putting on some lush and steady growth, 'Shed-life' has improved with the addition of a very nearly completed workbench (apart from the shelf underneath that be) and tomorrow, as well as the return to the grind, marks day one in trying to prepare this knackered body into shape for the Llangollen Round in twelve months time which means healthy eating and a steady increase of exercise for moi, bugger.

     So that's it, another rambling post from the rotund one. Until the next time, take damn good care of yourselves,


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tis in the Air .....


     Greetings one and all from a blustery North Wales. Firstly thank you for the birthday wishes, all very much appreciated.

     Now then, as for the post title I crave some feedback upon a thought that is becoming an idea in the space between my ears. I'm considering changing tack upon my blogging by separating the wildlife gardening and related subjects to another blog and keeping the rest of my usual inane drivel here on 'Of Brambles and Bears'.

     The thinking behind this world changing idea is that the new 'garden' blog will be more able to appeal to like minded folk, experienced or like me befuddled, where my learning curve can be followed and advice may be offered by all in sundrie. This leaves this blog open to be viewed by the usual rabble. 

So thoughts and advice upon this are requested if you could so kind, pretty please. That is it folks a simple idea and a request for some feedback, til the next time take care.


Monday, 25 May 2015

Fifty Not Out ...

      Well last Thursday I managed to hit the grand age of 50 years old, bugger. I cannot believe that it seemed like only yesterday when, in my late teens, I couldn't even imagine reaching such an old and ancient age. But now I'm here I still feel like myself, ok yes I know with my dysfunctional mind that does open up a whole can of worms. As I was saying I still feel like myself just with more aches, definitely a damn sight more grumpy outlook on life and most certainly less tolerance of fools and idiots (most of the human race then). So yeah fifty, not out, aint too bad at all. 

      Oh not forgetting that being as it was my fiftieth I could expect some special treatment, besides the gifts of failing eyesight, arthritic knees, incontinence and even louder flatulence. George didn't disappoint me in the slightest, firstly presenting moi with a most wonderful cake...

     ...then after a mystery drive we ended up in the Welsh town of Caernarfon where I was presented with two first class tickets for the Welsh Highland narrow gauge steam train that runs from Caernarfon  down to Porthmadog, passing through the glorious Snowdonia mountain range...

     I have to admit that Porthmadog was a tad dreary for moi, kind of reminded me of somewhere you'd heard was lovely but once there it turned out to be kind of bland, and I was bloody pleased to be heading back on the return leg.

      But the celebrations did not end there, upon our return to the village I was told to get freshened up as a table was booked at a restaurant not tried before, the Golden Lion in Rosset. Bloody hell a better meal I have not had for a long time and the ale was most satisfactory to boot.

      Thinking that was it I was told that on Saturday we were returning to Caernarfon to visit the Castle....

     A steam ride through the Welsh mountains and a visit to one of Edward the First's 'iron fist' of castles, what more could I ask for as I love the life steam engines seem to possess and the power that the Welsh castles exude. We topped it off today with a walk along the Llangollen canal at Chirk. A lovely walk with plenty to see from feats of wonderful engineering, wildlife and even sometimes the odd curiosity....

        So a fine birthday weekend it proved to be and as write I'm now awaiting one last present to materialize this week. I've had my trusty Fujifilm FinePix F72EXR now for several years and all pictures that I post here have been taken by it. But I always felt that I perhaps could get some better wildlife shots if I could just get a tad closer to the intended subject. Now being as I have the grace of a raging bull elephant on heat the likelihood of me being able to approach said wildlife to within range of my camera is about bugger all. Knowing this George told me to go upon the tinternet and find myself something that I could perhaps take the next photographic step with. Well not wanting to spend too much nor go too gadgety, I have ordered from the wonderful Ebay a second hand one of these....

     ....tis the Panasonic  Lumix DCM-FZ200. Now tis not the most modern of 'bridge' cameras nor in the same class as a DSLR but after reading many reviews, buyer's comments, and actually taking the time to understand at least some of the jargon this is the wee beastie that I have plumped for to hopefully take me further with my pictures, fingers crossed. 

     So there you have it, my 50th birthday weekend which was not too shabby at all m'thinks. Til the next time, take the time to look after yourselves,


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Knackered ...

     Well after my last post it would appear that there are many like minded people as myself, that is to say grumpy buggers, who'd have thought it! Fortunately today's walk around Nercwys Forest was uninterrupted by people, well fortunately for other people I suppose. 

    In my efforts to get back on track to rid myself of this rotundness once and for all I have set a goal for myself, a thirty five mile walk within fifteen and a half hours. The walk is in aid of charity and is called the Llangollen Round Challenge (rather apt considering my shape) and takes place at the end of May. Well this year is totally out of the question in my present condition, or lack of condition that is, but in twelve months time that's my goal.

    So walks for me have taken on a more serious demeana hence, as I mentioned in the last post, the lack of photographs. Though I will also be taking time to walk the trails simply for pleasure as well and the camera will then accompany me. This being said I couldn't resist a couple of pics taken on my phone of Bramble trying to entice Nelly into some suspiciously murky water today..

     I'm afraid that 'Bramble the Mud Siren' failed in her mission and 'Nelly the Dry' survived unsoaked. 

    So there you have it from a thoroughly knackered John, a target has been set (bugger). I need to write up yesterday's walk alongside Llangollen canal, a leisure walk for George and myself without the terrible twosome. Oh and don't start about me leaving the two little buggers behind, a whole walk alongside water with the Bear? not a pleasure walk at all! I'll be writing it up tomorrow now and publishing on Blog Walking tomorrow evening m'thinks. But tonight a beef and kidney casserole that placed in the oven nearly six hours ago needs eating, then a very hot shower and then to bed m'thinks. Til the next time, take care.