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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bugger, nay thrice Bugger ...

     Well time has moved on this year and after an enforced absence from work for more than a couple of months, courtesy of the Black dog, tomorrow sees a return to the grind for yours truly, bugger. Am I ready for it? I have found myself asking this many times lately and to be perfectly honest I am not entirely sure. Yes I feel much better after time away from the Fun factory with days filled with walking, time in the garden, simple food and plenty of soul searching. Yes I feel better but I know the bitch will not be far away awaiting that moment of weakness that once again allows her to grab my mind and take it from me. Will things be different this time around? well I certainly hope so, with myself being more aware of some of the traps laid by the Black dog I hope that it will be harder for her to wrest my mind away as easily as she has been able to do so over recent years, time will tell.

      Speaking of dogs remember the pictures (here) of a certain Miss Bear attempting to lure the prim & prude Nelly into filthiest pools of what very loosely could be described as water? Well yesterday we took a stroll under the trees and around the Meres at Delamere Forest and finally Nelly found temptation to much to handle. For the lovers of clean, well groomed dogs be advised that the following pictures carry a 'OS' warning.....

     The smell from the rear of 'Flat cap man's car' was indeed something to behold and open windows were the order of the day. So it does indeed appear that Nelly has succumbed to the dark side after resisting its temptation for so long, may the stench be with her, bugger.

     Not really much news in other areas, the wildlife garden has taken a battering from the elements of late but finally seems to be putting on some lush and steady growth, 'Shed-life' has improved with the addition of a very nearly completed workbench (apart from the shelf underneath that be) and tomorrow, as well as the return to the grind, marks day one in trying to prepare this knackered body into shape for the Llangollen Round in twelve months time which means healthy eating and a steady increase of exercise for moi, bugger.

     So that's it, another rambling post from the rotund one. Until the next time, take damn good care of yourselves,



  1. Two things that help me daily since my return to work after the breakdown John: (1) I give 60-80% only. I used to give 100% and on the day I had my 'episode' was so worried about every bugger else...! And (2) if I don't feel right I stop and take a moment. Again, something I never did before. These days if I don't feel right, I take time out. I hit 60-80% and have succeeded whereas the old me would have felt that was a failure. (I also stop at coffee and lunch breaks.)
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care. X x x

    1. I'm with Tracey.
      Work is a means to money. I now work to rule. I do what I have to. Guess what...the world still turns. My mantra is
      Be kind to yourself.

  2. Aaah yes, the smell of wet/dirty canine.

  3. I hope the return to work goes well for you.
    Sending you healing thoughts and best wishes.

  4. couldn't have said it better myself! Hopefully the black dog has transferred itself into grot covered stinky pooches. Good luck back on the tread mill.x

  5. Got a lot on your plate, my man, and I wish all the best for your return to work. Eat well and sleep well. Take care -

  6. I'd make them run behind the car, all the way home. Either that or put them in big bin-bags.

  7. Looks like Miss Bear a had a great time! Good luck with your return to work tomorrow.nd Nelly

  8. Just found your blog. looking forward to read more!
    That Black Dog sure is a bitch, no? Wish your terrible two's would chase her away for good.
    Did i read correctly you are going back to work? What kind of work is it?
    Take care!

  9. Thoughts and wishes John!

  10. Good Luck John! Pulling for you. I wish I had better advice, but my work-related choices have not been the sort to recommend me as a guide of much of anything.

  11. Hope today goes well, John, good advice from Tracey, I think. Re the pooches, there is no way they would have come home in my car like that! Clean water and old towels first


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