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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Close encounters.....

     Well I am in need of help, now don't rushing off to look in Dr. Curealls medical tomb, or warming a shezlong up for me stretch out upon and under hypnosis tell you that a terrible childhood incident concerning me not being allowed a rabbit which then directly led to the theft of an Orangutang leading to my present mental issues (well it could have, honest ahem). But no, I am sorry to disappoint you but the help I request is in the identification of what I suspect is an alien from another planet which appeared whilst I was actually putting my arse into gear and starting to build my extra storage shed, stroke dumping cubicle.... ahhh thinking about that 'dumping cubicle' is actually quite apt as the site where I am constructed said storage was actually where the outside privy was located to the side of the house back in the day....anyways I digress, whilst construction was under way it came to my attention that I was not alone.....

       Now I have to confess to being a tad puzzled by this critter, it resembles a Grasshopper but the little bugger seemed slow moving and, well a bit un-grasshopperish if you know what I mean, oh and them eyes just followed you around the room, yes I know I was outside but they would have followed if I had been inside drinking cider of that I'm bloody well positive. I did bring a few plants back with me from Cornwall, all paid for (well mostly) and I thought perhaps an illegal immigrant from England had snuck in with them over the border but these plants were kept elsewhere in me small garden and planted out Tuesday so this has led me to the only logical conclusion that I have an extraterrestrial lurking in my garden!!

     If any of you (CT ?)can disprove this extremely plausible theory of mine I would appreciate a heads up. Other than that I expect my next post shall be about alien abduction, experiments done on me and perhaps (hopefully) some alien encounters of the ooh missus kind. 

Til the next time, in which ever dimension you may find me, take care..


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam ....

      So here I be, returned from two weeks away in Cornwall, but being as the hour is late I shall not be writing too many lines this autumnal evening just suffice to remark upon one or two things that have been scratching my mind like a flea that is hard to shift.

     Firstly, if there be any doubt, I will continue to record certain aspects of my life here on these pages as I continue to live with depression. My previous posts have been read then re-read in my head over and over as I have struggled to decide whether or not to continue blogging in some form or just to let it go. I have once said upon these pages that if my experiences with the Black Dog help just one soul feel better about themselves then this blog is a worthwhile thing to do, so I shall continue with my words with this hope in mind.

     Secondly, a huge thankyou for the many comments on previous posts, the help provided is not a thing that can be quantified in any shape or form. It is enough just to say that they are important to me.

     Thirdly, a work in progress list of future posts include;- Cornwall (where friends 'not met yet' became 'friends for life'), Compromise Garden updates, Boraras urophthalmoides (my latest relaxation helpers), Rugby (not for the England fans among you), Retirement strategy, Rewilding, Nature, Stress coping (or not as the case usually is!) these and other topics amongst all the usual drivel and if you want any requests? well you may ask as perhaps you never know.

     So that be about it for this evening, t'was going to be a post about the fortnight in Cornwall but I just couldn't be arsed sorting through pictures, bar one......

She calls to me doth the sea...

     ......part of the retirement plan is to be near as possibly to the sea.

      So that's all for now, my eyes are heavy and I must head up the wooden hills to let sleep cradle me till the morn. Till the next time, take care my friends.