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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lists, lists and more bloody lists....

     Following on from my previous post there certainly seemed a common thread running through your comments (which are always welcome) and that was 'make lists young man, and we are not talking about the kind of list that a torpedoed convoy escort takes on in mid Atlantic during the war. Near enough every comment made reference to lists and the order they can bring to a troubled and butterfly menaced mind like mine. Ok so I'm using a tad of poetic licence and paraphrasing somewhat but you get the picture.

     As you can probably tell from said previous post my head has not quite been in the right place of late, far from it truth be told. So today as I felt myself settling down to do bugger all once again knowing that later on I'd be cursing myself and feeling lower than whale shit once again, the kind of catch 22 that the Dog loves biting me with, I took a step forward. Turned off the television, mobile phone, computer and picked up a pencil and paper and decided to list the main areas that need attention just to see if it would help. Try to keep the exercise short I thought that just listing the areas of concern and in some form of priority would be a good starting point and something to build upon. So I ended up with a list of five and no I'm not telling as a man's lists are his kingdom and I shall defend them with my life!, suffice to say that they covered the major areas which are cropping up in my life time and again.

     Ok so one item on the list was Rusty, not rocket science guessing that one, and I'm sitting there twirling my ikea pencil like a gunslinger 'cause I'm in the zone without even realising it.  Before long the Rusty section had a list of its own from what needed sorting before the stripping could begin to revamping the finished car with the stuff to make her cope with the cut and thrust of modern traffic. Didn't even stop for my usual brew or three and I'm still scrawling away and another two lists are stretching down the A4 pad for the car project and you know what? it does actually work,  Rusty's restoration was starting to take a structure that instead of making my head spin looked orderly and very doable, just by taking some good advice, time to sit and list things out I began to realise something I used to know and practice years before the Dog......  it doesn't matter the size of a task if you just break it down into bite size pieces.  So hell yeah lists definitely work, thanks to all of you for reminding me of that. Oh and one other thing that helped today, knocking the b'jesus out of the old lean-to with a sledge hammer in compliance with Rusty list, line 1.

Till the next time take care,



  1. Heh my Wife always tells me to make a list. Then when I need it I can never find it or after I get everything on the list I find I forgot to write something on it I needed.

  2. Now that the tasks have been defined, you need to commit one hour a day towards completing the in individual tasks. Some may take a lot longer, but when you are done you can scratch them off the list, and treat yourself to a beer.

  3. Love it! Good for you. for Rusty do you have microsoft project on your PC? Now that really cuts it down into bite size pieces and for sure keeps me on track. Have a good day.

  4. I have to keep lists because I am freaking old. I went out to get a new tea kettle the other day and ended up coming home with a lot of things, but NO tea kettle. I had forgotten it.

  5. Keeping lists saves me too, Maria. I'm only 26, but I already don't remember what I did yesterday:) Once I even got into trouble because of my forgetfulness. Hope that will never happen to me again, as I'm taking pills now.
    Amazingly forgetful Oliver

  6. I hate taking the time to make lists John. I am also forced to admit that they are extremely effective. Good on you.

    Lhiats, TB


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