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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fighting syrup .....

     Life can be a tad strange at times, especially in the mind of one that is overshadowed by the Black Dog. Now don't get me wrong I'm not down or anything like the mess I have been in past years with a mind like unset jelly and the motivation of a small saber toothed tiger that has just eaten a very large mammoth, tusks, tail and all. No I'm not down just.....well I don't know really, I guess 'can't be arsed' might fit my mood of late but that is not entirely true being as I have been doing chores around the house and garden, eating well (but only a tad more healthy), work is ok, well 'ok' in as it still sucks but I'm handling it fine, the terrible twosome are still terrible and life in the village trundles along yet something is amiss and I cannot for the life of me put my podgy little finger on it. I know my George feels something is awry as every now and then she looks at me kind of funnily and asks if I'm ok, fine I always reply but we both know that that's not fully truthful but I'll be buggered if I know what.

     It's not the cold snap in the weather, to be honest I enjoy cold winter's days more than stinking hot summer ones. It's not the financial malaise that I have been trying to put to rights over the last few months as there is light at the end of the tunnel upon this front (even worked some bloody overtime at the Crap Fun factory!) I guess it is just part of my make up that the Black Dog has left me with in that my mind is not truly my own, well that sucks!

     I am definitely trying to fight my way out of this syrup that has engulfed my mind though and have started looking to plan things for the year ahead. Things that myself and my George can look forward too...soooo here is a list of what is in the pipeline for 2016 so far....

  • A trip to New Zealand (already booked).
  • Mike Peters in concert (Booked).
  • AC/DC in concert (Booked)
  • A walk for charity up Snowdonia (yes booked as well, gulp).
  • Major changes to Compromise Garden.
  • Working on Rusty (of course).

     So a short list so far but hopefully it will grow and help release me from this malaise I find myself struggling against. Of course it does not have to be a major event or challenge to stimulate the mind, the smallest of things can make a difference, and those who know me also know that it is the simplest of things that bring me the most joy. Things like sitting by a roaring fire on the coldest of nights, eating a good rich hotpot when coming in from a bloody freeze the balls off a brass monkey walk, sitting quietly in the woods and watching wildlife move pass me as if I belonged there, fishing on the banks of a river without another soul in sight all day, holding my George close and feeling her heartbeating next to yeah there are lots of simple things to take pleasure in and help keep the dog at bay, sometimes though I just need to remind myself of them and writing them here does help. So thank you for your indulgence whilst I witter away but this blogging m'larkey sometimes just helps this rotund welshman find a little perspective and keeps the Bitch at bay.

Until the next time, take care...


Friday, 8 January 2016

Garden Update I ....

     Well finally the rain has at least relented a little and given way to drier but colder days and it is beginning to feel like winter, not before time. The seasons certainly seem less defined and it makes me wonder how our wildlife is coping with these changes. I also find myself thinking of the people that have been affected by the recent flooding and how they cope with such devastation, it does make me realise that here in the village perched up the hills somewhat we are in a fortunate position.

     The let up in the rain has at least allowed me to get some work done in the garden, though only some of it was truly gardening the rest being a tad more structural. You may remember I had plans last year to demolish the small lean-to shed to provide more hard standing area, well I have finally demolished said lean-to the other day but the plan for more hard standing has gone out of the window! This is entirely down to my self indulgent purchase of 'Rusty' last year because now I need to build a garage (or temporary shelter as I sold it to George ahem) for the restoration of the wee beastie.

If I had a hammer.....

All that remains of the lean-too

Gone and Rusty awaiting a garage to be built around her.

     There has been a small amount of clearing within the garden but I still have some more to do. Overall though, although quite sparse the garden is looking ok, especially the ponds....

The wildlife pond blending in really nicely

The fish pond which has settled down very well

General view 

Two new arrivals to give some formal shape to whatever space is left when the garage is built
     The main plans for the garden, beside the garage that is, are to firstly take down the rear porch being as we don't use it and it would increase the size of our tiny garden and secondly to change that white wall that can be seen in the pics to a living green wall which will hopefully increase the habitat for wildlife.

So a busy little spurt in the garden with more work to come, til the next time take care,