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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Spoiler alert ....

     Well folks after 24 hours from leaving Singapore sometime yesterday we finally hit the hay last night but after only a few hours kip we're up and about. My systems are confused and shot at, being both wired and bloody well knackered at the same time! And where has this rotund Welshman and his beloved been? Well off the map to where they be dragons at the far flung edge of the world....New Zealand.

     And now for the spoiler alert part, how was New Zealand?....... Absolutely bloody amazing! I shall leave you with just one picture as a taster for future posts to follow......

 Until the next time,

John the Jet Lag.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


     I'll be taking a break from the blogasphere until at least March my friends. Tis nothing to be alarmed about, far from it truth be told and in fact is quite the opposite. The Black Dog is not holding sway at the moment and I shall return from this sabbatical with spirit refreshed, of this I am sure. 

     I shall report back on adventure and indeed some misadventure to be certain. So until the next time, take damn good care of yourselves and those you love,