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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cap in hand ......

     Either I'm getting old or this jetlag m'thingy is somehow much worse than I remember! I have been absolutely knackered since we touched down in good old blighty with no rhyme or reason to my body's systems nor functions, in fact you could say that I don't know my arse from my elbow. Sufficient to say that I have not as of yet trawled through the two thousand odd pictures we have taken whilst on the other side of the world, thus meaning you will all just have to wait for further tales of our adventures.

     So why on earth is this rotund and knee knackered welshman bothering to blab on his blog if not to fill you all with awe, drawing gasps and to leave you speechless in wonder with epic tales from the land of the long white cloud? Well bear with me and I shall tell thee.....

      The more observant among you may well have noticed a recent picture added to the top right hand side of my blog of a rather nice Daffodil, for the less observant  of you it looks like this.....

     So now ya buggers you do not have any excuse not to have noticed the picture of the rather nice Daffodil do you? Now I have not put this picture of a rather nice Daffodil up on my blog because it be Saint David's day today, nor is it because Daffodils are already in bloom in Compromise garden and it also it is not because the Daffodil is one of my favorite flowers. No, this particular picture of a rather nice Daffodil is actually the symbol for the Marie Curie cancer care charity who do sterling work in the care of the terminally ill allowing them at least some dignity and respite in their final days. So what does this have to do with the rotund welshman with the knackered knees I hear you mutter, well I'm glad that you asked that rather pertinent question my friends.

     Upon the 12th day of the month of June this very year I shall be taking part in the 'Snowdon Challenge' for Marie Curie which involves this totally unfit, even more rotund since his travels abroad and with arthritic n knackered knees huffing, puffing and probably using all manner of good old Anglo Saxon hauling his fifty year old arse up (and back) the highest point in God's country, Mt. Snowdon. And what pray tell does the prospect of John exploding somewhere in Wales have to do with your good selves I hear you mutter again? Well that is entirely up to your good selves and how you feel about such things because the whole point of me dragging my sorry arse up Snowdon (and back) is to raise money for this particular charity and this is where the picture of the rather nice Daffodil comes into play because it is not just a picture, oh lordy no because by the magic of the internetty thingy tapping the picture of the rather nice Daffodil you will be transported to my Marie Curie page where, if you so desire, you can add a small donation to the cause. Tis the first time I have done anything for charity and yes I do feel uncomfortable in the act of asking for donations but I feel it's for a good cause and hopefully you may feel the same. 

     Oh and if the cynical among you might point back to my past life when such a walk would have been relatively easy for me, well yes, perhaps a few years ago it would indeed have been so but time and the Dog have taken their toil upon my body and even a couple of miles street walk is enough to leave me short of breath and cursing my knackered knees and so for me this is no easy task. With this in mind I have started to try and get into some semblance of shape for this epic event with plans for dietary changes, the gym and of course the best practice for walking.....walking. If I am to succeed in this endeavor I reckon that I need to lose well over a stone in weight the relieve pressure from my knees and also improve my general fitness dramatically. So it's not just the walk that this involves but a whole lot of other factors become involved in the build up to it.

     And yes, jet lagged or not, I have started training already, yesterday morning hitting the once familiar trails around Nercwys Forest. Bloody hell it was cold, zero degrees centigrade which was a bit of a shock to say the least after spending the last three weeks in shorts n sandals, not a vision for the faint of heart I can tell ya.

Good to be back on the trails.....

Told you that it was bloody cold!

A long uprooted tree's base, reminds me of Hobbiton...

      The walk was tiring but absolutely wonderful with the cold air feeling like it was sending shards of ice into my lungs with every breath taken. There was not another soul upon the trails, which is exactly how I like it and the only noise that carried on the crisp winter air was the panting of the terrible twosome as they went bounding off in sheer ecstasy, being walked off the lead for the first time in ages, and the harsh call of some hidden corvids that seemed to follow us for the majority of the walk yet not once showed themselves to my eyes. The Bear managed to flush a rather indignant cock pheasant from some close but heavy cover making both mine and Nelly's heart skip a beat as it thrashed its escaped just over our heads with the cold air giving volume to his calls of alarm. I guess that we only covered three or so miles in total but it was enough to leave me knackered, sweaty and with a large grin on my usually grumpy face. The knees survived, although stiffened up somewhat later that day and I came home with a small sense of triumph and also a feeling that I was on the road to being back where I belong.....'out there'.

So that be all for now, please don't feel that you have to donate but I'd be thankful if you did. Until the next time take damn good care of you and yours and 'sant hapus dydd sant',

John the Knackered


  1. Hi John glad you had a nice holiday I have missed your " colourful" banter .
    I always wanted to walk up Snowdon but wouldn't on my own so I am going to do the challenge as well !!!
    There I've said it out loud so I have to do it don't I?!!
    I am going to register straight away before I chicken out.
    Su from Cheshire

  2. Good for you Su, will see you at the summit ;-)

  3. Done, my friend! Good luck!

  4. I also forgot to mention. ..June 12th will be my 10th wedding anniversary, and my dear Gregg is a lung cancer survivor. So you see why this wonderful thing you're doing is so meaningful to me!

    1. As is my sister Jennifer hence my commitment to this. Many thanks for your donation my dear, most kind of you ;-)

  5. You get up there and love it, I wish you all the best with it.

  6. I feel that I ought to remind you of the request you make to commentators about blaspheming and have noted the naughty B word you have called your readers...... good job I'm used to foul /fowl language aint it :)

    1. Now Mel I did not say that the author of this blog was included in the 'no blaspheming' section did I ;-), and I'm sure that you have heard (and used) a lot more of the Anglo Saxon that I use here my good man.

  7. John, yes you are correct.
    Please note that I keep 'street language' off my blog having requested commentators not to use swear words and I do believe that sauce for the Goose is also good for the Gander :)

  8. I do hear and agree with you Mel, if I'm honest though the comment about blasphemy is half tongue in cheek especially in view of my sometimes 'earthy' posts. But also there is a serious side as some comments can be crass, vulgar and even disgusting with their turn of phrase and these I like to discourage. Also I think my writing may take a different tone without the odd bit of Anglo Saxons ;-)

  9. What a great thing to do! Good luck with it all!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday - yes, do tag along, glad you liked my little old blog!

    1. Thank you Louise, and what's not to like about your 'little old blog'?


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