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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sign of spring....

     Well I must be doing something right in the garden, it seems to have become the 'must have' location for a few male Blackbirds whom have spent the last few days knocking lumps out of each other and literally spitting feathers in anger. I did not realise how aggressive this fiery little buggers can be and tas opened my eyes watching the recent conflicts over whom presides over our small wannabe oasis for wildlife.

     At the moment a rather burly lad seems to have ousted all others and I've been treated to some wonderful morning singing as he states his claim. He is quite recognisable from the other 'run of the mill' Blackbirds as he seems a tad larger and his beak is duller than the other males. Tis nice to think that the garden seems so desirable for the little buggers to fight over....

The king in his hard won domain...

     Until the next time, take good care of each other.

John the twitcher 


  1. We have recently been watching female blackbirds gathering bits for nesting.

  2. I just wish we had more birds to watch here, every bugger seems to be intent on paving or decking the gardens. Used to have sparrows and all sorts but even though we have feeders out we don't seem to see much bird life.
    The railway lines over the way are being hacked down and so the poor birds are being driven out.
    such is life.

  3. Your garden has been claimed by an avian thug!!!

  4. Great post :) Was watching a female gathering nest material here this morning.

  5. One of the things we miss from the old house is the birds singing in the morning. At least my wife does, I can't hear them being old and all. She says it's a beautiful sound.


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