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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Upping the walking game...

     So, you just could not help yourself and keep away from my rambling words then, well pull up a pew and we'll chew the cud some more.....

      A much lighter post today methinks, more in tune with getting back on track with the simple things and not smothering myself with trying to delve too deeply into life's woes and misfortune. I do believe that I mentioned in the the previous post that walking was coming to the fore in my life once more and over the last couple of weeks or so my feet have been pounding the trails once more. It's quite funny that living here in North Wales a person tends to forget how blessed one is with the wonderful countryside right on the doorstep. In fact several walks have indeed been right on my doorstep, literally I am able to walk out of our back door and in less than a mile I am out of the village and walking in the countryside. It is so easy to ignore what is in your local area and instead head out for perceived better walking further afield. But the truth is the trails in and around the village offer such diverse terrain that they are always of interest although perhaps the views are not as majestic as those further afield on the nearby mountain ranges. Having said that they offer immediate walking and the sense of well being that walking provides myself with....

     I have also been trudging along the river Dee and the canal at Llangollen. Here the walking is far easier but walking along side water is always special....

     ....and a walk in the countryside around Llangollen would not be complete with lunch or tea at the Dee side bistro and a sample of their sumptuous and very reasonably priced fare (the steak pie is particularly nice)

      On the other side of the hills from Llangollen I have returned to wander the once familiar trails in Nercwys forest and the steeper gradients of Moel Fammau....

     My wandering feet have also taken me into the Welsh hills upon a couple of occasions recently to walk in and around the jewels that are Bethgelert and  Llyn Vyrnwy, and it is places such as these that the full joy of walking can be felt...

Finches at the RSPB's hide at Vyrnwy

George taking a breather

Myself (handsome devil I know) guarding Thor's shield...

My favorite sculpture at Vyrnwy, lord knows why....

Nature taking back her own..

     So there you have it, over the last few weeks walking has become one of my, if not the main focus and I am reaping the rewards with a clearer mind and now weighing 14lbs lighter. The walking bug has finally bit me after many false starts and it is good to feel my body repairing itself and the dull ache of once forgotten muscles being pushed again. The only thing now is remembering to hold back a tad and, pardon the pun, not run before I can walk. I've reached the level where I now need to start thinking about which kit I need to take and find new routes to push me even further. I tell you something, this is a bloody good feeling my friend.

Til the next time take care,



  1. John what a wonderful post. I love walking and I agree that it is such a benificial thing to do both for the mind and body.
    I would love some of that steak pie.

  2. Man those pics sure bring back memories. Not that I have walked around North Wales but when it comes to all those neat and interesting little sites it looked a lot like other parts of Europe I did walk around in. It's a special magical thing that no American can even understand until they have actually done it. Our ancestors just had centuries to make the landscape so interesting there in Europe that we haven't had here in the US. I think that is one reason I disagree so much with the whole Wilding thing you mentioned a few weeks ago. Our European ancestors turned Europe into a magical land that I assure you can not be found anywhere else on this planet. Japan comes close in some areas but it didn't speak to my soul the way Europe did of course.

    It's just awesome and someday I hope to make little hidden gems like in your pictures on my land.

  3. Excellent photos of beautiful scenery. Keep up the walking. I didn't and now I'm too crippled up to do it.

  4. Hi you handsome devil you ,...wonderful photos! I really like the old church,and those trees that G is standing by.Wishing I was there. Take care and great to see you are out and about again. .
    Bron x

  5. Great selection of photos John and good to see you enjoying the walking and reaping the benefits :)

  6. I love babbling brooks, and I had a very nice meal in Llangollen 15 years ago.

  7. Very impressed my good man! How many miles are you walking at a time John? I am hoping to walk a similar long distance walk in August and need to get training.

  8. Oh man, when you throw pictures out like these makes me think of Knights, Lady's, big horses, big swords, and castles. One of my favorite movies is First Knight. I guess I'm a bit of romantic.


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