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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sitting in my chair once more...

     Just taking in the garden from my chair once more before tonight's stint at the 'not so fun factory', I could sit here for ever and a day....

A new 'old' addition, hopefully bringing the feathered critters closer..

Ahhh the new old bird table appears to be doing the trick..

    Tis the simple things that give the greatest of pleasures m'thinks. Till the next time tara and take care,


Thursday, 23 June 2016

My favorite chair...

     I guess all of us need that 'escape' from the world at some point during our lives. Sometimes it happens rarely other times almost daily. At the moment for me it is required far to often as I continue to learn to manage living a life with the 'bitch noir'. There is one spot in particular where I spend my time letting my thoughts become becalmed from the madness that is modern life....

     ....this be my favorite chair and it sits under the shade of a beautiful Japanese Acer tree in my little garden. From here, as I sup yet another cup of tea, I get to see and hear all sorts of flora and fauna as my attempt of encouraging wildlife in a suburban setting that is 'Compromise Garden' matures.....

     Perhaps this 'mess' is not for the 'perfect lawn brigade' or connoisseurs of 'proper gardens' but from just one vantage point, my favorite chair, the tiny vistas are stunning as the eye discovers something different and special at every turn of the head....

Bees are more than abundant in Compromise garden

Preening after a bathing in the pond's waterfall

Sometimes mithering Spaniels are left t'other side of the garden gate

The hint of a Goldfish underneath t' pond lily

The gentle sound of the waterfall allows the mind to drift
      These are just a few glimpses of what may be seen or heard from my favorite seat, Damselflies are visiting, frogs are now establishing themselves and the smells that waft around from the multitude of insect attracting plants is intoxicating. Even if you do not understand that as a species we will die out if we keep destroying the natural world surely you can see see the benefits of having your own 'Compromise garden'? And if you are unsure of how to go about it drop me a line because if I can help you make suburbia become more encouraging to nature then I'll be more than glad to help.

Til the next time take care,


Monday, 20 June 2016

Shout out time...

      Yes I know that I have been less than regular with my posts upon the blogosphere but never thee mind as that is slowly being rectified (second post this month). 

     Tis just a short shout out for a dear friend of mine who has not blogged for some considerable for reasons that I fully understand but tis a joy that she is posting again on her blog 'My Beautiful Life' and if you pop over there for awhile I am sure that her words will make you return again and again.

     I have known Tracy for some time now and had the pleasure of meeting her and 'man wonderful' last year on a trip to the deepest south. She is a bubbly, full of life character with an absolutely wicked sense of humour which is totally contagious. I hope she does not mind me saying that, like me, she has her demons but is truly an inspiration to all us 'nutters'. We, that be me and my George, are looking forward to their company once more and hopefully it will be in October when I am attempting another bloody charity walk in Devon this time.

     So do yourself a favour and get yourself over to  'My Beautiful Life' and let her blog slowly grow upon you. Tis early days for her writing but once she gets into her stride once more you will find yourself enchanted, smiling and crying. Oh and tell the bugger I sent ya.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Knackered knees can't stop me....

      Helloooo there, sorry about the severe lack of posting here or indeed the reading of your own wonderful blogs but I have been a tad busy of late what with work, household chores, the allotment (yes the allotment) and getting in some sort of shape for my charity trek up Mt. Snowdon.

     Bit with reference to the last bit, yep this rotund Welshman managed to summit the highest point in Wales yesterday raising a grand total of £300.00, result!! One thing though my knees are absolutely ka-nackered today and I an not looking forward to the 'not so fun factory' tomorrow I can tell ya.

Wet, knackered and happy

     Stupid thing is as I sit here typing away lamenting my very sore knees I have just signed up for another trek on the tors n moors of Devon...bugger! Ah well off to watch GoTs afor me bed, till the next time take care,