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Monday, 13 June 2016

Knackered knees can't stop me....

      Helloooo there, sorry about the severe lack of posting here or indeed the reading of your own wonderful blogs but I have been a tad busy of late what with work, household chores, the allotment (yes the allotment) and getting in some sort of shape for my charity trek up Mt. Snowdon.

     Bit with reference to the last bit, yep this rotund Welshman managed to summit the highest point in Wales yesterday raising a grand total of £300.00, result!! One thing though my knees are absolutely ka-nackered today and I an not looking forward to the 'not so fun factory' tomorrow I can tell ya.

Wet, knackered and happy

     Stupid thing is as I sit here typing away lamenting my very sore knees I have just signed up for another trek on the tors n moors of Devon...bugger! Ah well off to watch GoTs afor me bed, till the next time take care,



  1. Great job John! Good for you for getting out there and raising money for such a good cause!

    I hope your knees feel better than you expect at work tomorrow.


  2. There's always pain pills, John, if you don't mind chemicals.

  3. Well Done Sir! Was getting a little worried. Thanks for the pictures - stunning!

  4. Well done! My head for heights is so bad I think I'd struggle even on the easy way up.

  5. I don't know John, you keep calling yourself rotund, but you're looking pretty shipshape to me. The walking is doing you good.

  6. Congratulations on your trek and for raising the money.

  7. Congratulations! A great achievement. Fantastic photographs too. You might be knackered but I bet it's a good kind of knackered. I need to get myself up a mountain. X

  8. Congratulations John - well done! Hope your knees recover soon....

  9. Nice to have you back and well done on the walk, that's great achievement.


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