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Monday, 20 June 2016

Shout out time...

      Yes I know that I have been less than regular with my posts upon the blogosphere but never thee mind as that is slowly being rectified (second post this month). 

     Tis just a short shout out for a dear friend of mine who has not blogged for some considerable for reasons that I fully understand but tis a joy that she is posting again on her blog 'My Beautiful Life' and if you pop over there for awhile I am sure that her words will make you return again and again.

     I have known Tracy for some time now and had the pleasure of meeting her and 'man wonderful' last year on a trip to the deepest south. She is a bubbly, full of life character with an absolutely wicked sense of humour which is totally contagious. I hope she does not mind me saying that, like me, she has her demons but is truly an inspiration to all us 'nutters'. We, that be me and my George, are looking forward to their company once more and hopefully it will be in October when I am attempting another bloody charity walk in Devon this time.

     So do yourself a favour and get yourself over to  'My Beautiful Life' and let her blog slowly grow upon you. Tis early days for her writing but once she gets into her stride once more you will find yourself enchanted, smiling and crying. Oh and tell the bugger I sent ya.


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