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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sitting in my chair once more...

     Just taking in the garden from my chair once more before tonight's stint at the 'not so fun factory', I could sit here for ever and a day....

A new 'old' addition, hopefully bringing the feathered critters closer..

Ahhh the new old bird table appears to be doing the trick..

    Tis the simple things that give the greatest of pleasures m'thinks. Till the next time tara and take care,



  1. I've just added 'Bird Table' to my list of tasks for Winter 2016.

  2. Your garden is stunning John all gardens that are free and picturesque like yours Great photo's!
    Bron x

  3. Your garden looks lovely John - great photos :) There is nothing more relaxing than sitting peacefully in a garden :)

  4. Hope your bird feeder gets visited soon. Ours is a hub of activity at this point - swallows, blackbirds, blue jays, doves and the occasional cardinal.


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