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Monday, 15 August 2016

Time to draw breath.....

     Talking about running around like a headless chicken, oh you weren't? ah well talking about running around like a headless chicken I've had little time to fart let alone attend to my blogging duties of late, so please accept my humblest and most groveling of apologies. But to say that I've been a tad busy of late is the biggest understatement since the extremely brave Captain Laurence Oates calmly informed the four remaining members of Scott's ill-fated polar expedition that "I am going outside, I may be sometime"! 

     What with the usually bollocks madness at the 'not so fun factory', domestic duties and trying to pursue my dream of being self employed my head is in a perpetual spin. Tis strange though, far from putting pressure upon my addled mind I'm finding that, although knackered, I feel more alive than I have for some time. Yes work in the factory is still a pile of tosh with the usual male bovine excrement being spewed out by a management team that really does not know its arse from its elbow, yes I still have dips and doubt myself and my mind's ability to keep the Black dog at bay and yes all I seem to be experiencing financially is a continuous leaking of finances with little to show in return. But by heck these are exciting times for moi, what with a job turning a client's overgrown lawns and paddock into areas where grandchildren can play and their garden becomes an extension of their home's living space, another client has commissioned me to turn their neglected garden into a wildlife biased but usable space plus other inquiries coming in for potential work ranging from strimming, fencing, clearance and other gardening jobs I'm getting a good feeling about my prospects of being able to politely tell my present employers to kindly "sod off" in the coming year. 

     But I won't be jumping the gun just yet as tis clearly early days and my fledgling business has a long way to go before any decision upon whether or not to leave the world of factories far behind me can be made, but fingers crossed that it will be the case that my fingers will one day be uncrossed and raised in that very Anglo Saxon two fingered salute to the grind so beloved of Saxon archers of yore. Indeed there are so many angles to consider when starting up a business, from insurance to accounts, from advertising to designing a website, buying machinery to assessing different jobs and a million and one other things that make a business tick over it's no wonder that many find the very idea to daunting to consider. But with patience, time and the support of my George I am sure that I'll get there and I know that I'll be all the better for it. For the now it is a hard slog but perhaps in the future the rewards will make it all worthwhile.

     Now I must really get myself off to the land of nod that lies atop of those wooden hills, I am well and truly bushed after a pleasant weekend spent with friends from down south and then a few hours doing jobs on mowers, strimmers and chainsaw in the hope that they won't let me down on the next two days of hard graft that I have lined up before returning to the gloom of working in the factory. That's the problem with starting up, can't afford new machinery until the work comes in and can't take on the work without the machinery, catch bloody 22 m'thinks. But that whinge will have to wait til another post as my eye lids are now closing up as I type these words.

Til the next time take care,



  1. I'll say a prayer for you and your business, John.

  2. Well, sounds like the new business is off to a good start. I'll keep the fingers crossed that it continues to grow.

  3. I'm sure if anyone can do it John, it is you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Best of luck. Hope your business is a success in every way.

  5. Gardening work is a great way to go. Folks always needs gardeners. Good luck with it all.


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