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Thursday, 29 June 2017

The vacuuming of dirty socks .......

     Where in Bonaparte's balls has the time gone? One minute in the month of March I'm telling you about how things are going in the life of John and the next minute it's nearly bleedin' July! Truth be told things have been hectic here with the usually downs and ups that life and the Black dog bring with em both.

     The downs?, well apart from the usual dips in mental functionality I am working far more hours than when I was gainfully employed at the 'Fun factory',  Bramble is less controllable than she ever was and is now what I would call "a delinquent little canine bitch" most of the time, we are still in limbo with the house move or none move as seems more the likely scenario at the moment and I am discovering that I am totally crap at keeping my business records, or any paperwork for that matter, up to date and in  any semblance of order.

     The ups?, the business is ticking over and is putting food on the table, I am less rotund by one and a half stone (that would be 21lb for those of American persuasion) so perhaps not that much food on the table and... well that's about it!

     So all in all quite an ordinary and nothing to blog about few months in which not a great deal has changed, happened or indeed fallen from the sky. Apart from vacuuming my dirty socks it is the same old same old really. The socks? oh them, well it is nothing really to tell, just something I have discovered that makes my life a tad easier...'s just that now grass cutting and strimming season has descended upon me I found that after washing my working apparel it would emerge from the washing machine thingy (no I don't use the stone in the river method anymore) covered in bits of grass, seeds and all manner of tiny but bloody hard to remove garden detritus. Slightly befuddled by this turn of events I at first struggled to come to terms with what was happening and just carried on with clean but detritus ridden clothing. Not a good impression at clients gardens and also said clothing developed a nasty tendency to chafe certain regions of my anatomy that could really do without being chafed at all. The cause of my dilemma was obvious, well it was when pointed out to me, the chaff and detritus from the mountain of grass cutting and strimming that takes up a large slice of my time cake in these summer months was weeding its way into my work boots and embedding itself into every nook and cranny of my socks. When this was pointed out to me I of course protested as surely these newfangled clothe washing n spinning contraptions were supposed to clean such things from my socks and not distribute evenly them throughout my whole wash? All I got in response to my argument was one of George's despairing eye rolls and 'for god's sake' sighs. So it dawned upon my slowly working mind that I should perhaps remove said detritus before actually including the socks in the wash, trouble being that picking all those bits of grass, seeds and beetle elytra from steaming and slightly off smelling socks turned out to be painstakingly slow and at times nauseating work and the pile of unpicked hence unwashed socks became quite a sizable thing. Events took a turn for the worse when I was discovered ordering new packs of working socks from Flea bay instead of cleaning the detritus from my rather rank and now ripe cheese smelling sock mountain, oh bugger! Whilst trolling my way through another cheesy detritus ridden sock I had what could only be called a light bulb moment. Not long ago I purchased one of those cordless vacuum thingy things for the purpose of removing Bramble Bitch hair from my work chariot's seating arrangement. One specific item that I required of said vacuum was a pet hair removal attachment, could it? would it? well with much gusto I retrieved the Bitch hair remover from my chariot (re white van) and I promptly set about one of my worst detritus ridden socks.....

    .....actually the picture above is not of one of the worst socks as I did not think at the time of vacuuming the cheesy sock mountain to actually photograph one of the offensive items, this is actually today's sock and only has a fraction of the detritus of socks gone before but you get the general idea I hope. So setting about the infested sock I was defeated immediately, damned vacuum required charging. Cue lift music and talk amongst yourselves or to yourself depending upon circumstance. Ding...armed with energized device I  promptly set about one of my worst detritus ridden socks.....

     .....actually the picture above, oh bugger that. Anyway the upshot was that my recently acquired Bitch hair vacuum device actually proved to be the most excellent grass cutting and strimming detritus removal thingy a chaffed gardener could ever wish for. No I don't have photographic evidence as I have not yet run out of clean socks so the need to de-detritus the sock hill developing in the laundry basket has not yet arisen, although the smell of ripe cheese may well induce me into vacuuming my socks sooner rather than later.

      So there we are, like I said life is busy yet mundane and I vacuum my dirty socks. Until the next time take care and as always thank you for dropping by,




  1. So glad to read a new post from you John. Who would have thought that grass clippings could become such a pain in the um feet! Glad you got that all sorted out. Hope some progress will be made on your move soon. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. Glad to hear the business is going well John. I was a little worried when we did not hear for a while.

    Business records were a horror for me to. Best thing I ever did (up to discontinuing that business) was to find someone who could do them.

  3. I have vacuumed clothes. Usually, it is because I washed a Kleenex in my black pants and the whole of my black pants and the inside of the washing machine are covered in bits of paper. I am probably the only person in the world who vacuums inside her washing machine.

    The grass bits and seeds in my clothing would be annoying. Good job.

  4. What a fun post. It's good to catch up on all your news :o). I like the sock tip. Will try that here!

  5. Reminds me of when I play cricket on a wet day...half the ground seems to come home with me!

  6. So glad to hear from you, John. Thought about you often and wondered how things were going for you. Smart move on the vacuuming of the socks. In the past, have used sticky tape or lint rollers to attempt the similar type of bits, with mixed results. Real glad to hear business is going well. Was a bit worried when no posts for such a long time. Congrats on the weight loss, however it was achieved! Keep up the good fight. Ranee (MN) USA

  7. Hey John, sorry about getting here a little late. Been a tad busy. Couple of notations. First, it's completely logical for a daughter (Bramble) to go through an "Alien Daughter" phase. Hopefully she'll come out of it before you disown her. Second the grass on the sock thing. I've been able to shake mine out and run through the washer. If the vacuum works, hey don't fight it. One has to do what one has to do. You know what I mean? Glad the business and the weight loss are going well. Bravo on both parts.

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