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Monday, 13 January 2020


     It’s certainly a difficult time of year to be a gardener, especially with the weather as inclement as it has been today....strong winds and horizontal rain driving through my layers of clothing. Still, not too bad as I didn’t feel the cold until the temperature started dropping at around three o clock this afternoon. All this weather, a virus infection at the end of last year and the Christmas break has certainly done no favours to my bank account, indeed at the moment I’m as poor as a church mouse that has been done over by a particular nasty gang of weasels and then limped back to his hovel to find Mrs. Mouse has eloped with all the cheese leaving him with only a huge tax bill that requires payment by last year! So not particularly well off at the moment but still not in low spirits, I recently advertised my wonderful gardening services upon the demon that be Facebook and have had several positive leads with the promise of future work. So definitely not all doom and gloom just as poor as a ....oh done that already.

     Also, the ‘fitness’ regime that started just before the new year is indeed paying dividends with a total weight loss of 10lbs over the last two weeks, so still rotund but slightly less so, which is nice. I find myself with a new determination to succeed in both my business adventure and with life in general. It’s strange how a change in perspective or attitude to a more positive view point can alleviate the baying of the Black Dog, indeed a few positives can be an effective weapon against depression as long as you can focus on them and keep looking past the negatives.

     Funny, I started this post bemoaning today’s weather, yet standing face on too today’s wind and rain made my smile inwardly and then outwardly, feeling more alive than ever. Gardening? It’s the best career choice that I could have ever made.....