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Friday, 1 May 2020


     Been slacking a little with regards work this week, just found myself absolutely knackered mentally and a tad physically. Trouble is with this slacking malarkey is that it brings different pressure upon my mental state (or lack of it), namely I’m still as poor as a church mouse that has been done over by a particularly nasty gang of weasels and upon returning home discovers Mrs. Church mouse has buggered off with the Stilton and their life savings!

     Having said this there comes a point where you have to take a step back and reassess things, otherwise the spiral downward can become basically irreversible (I know because I have been there). Yes, I need to work as many hours as I can because of being self employed and a gardener does not earn a rude amount of money. Yes, I am the wrong side of fifty to have changed career to something that can at times be physically demanding. Yes, I am at the mercy of weather and the seasons that can affect the amount of hours I can work. No, I don’t get paid for time off, either holiday or sickness. But sometimes I just have to take that step back and try to reset somethings in my life. So this week it became clear to me (at last) that things were beginning to go downhill for me.... permanently  knackered, waning enthusiasm for work, tinnitus driving me to distraction, a feeling of desperation regarding the no work whatsoever on my own garden and a host of other niggles basically doing my head in!

     The time has come to tackle some basics and get back on track, today and tomorrow I have taken time off from work and sod the money. Just to take time for myself to rest and also to talk with my G about things. Listening to G. for once, it is agreed that I need to go to bed at a reasonable time and not in the early hours of the morning as is my wont. I need to have a short list of objectives or tasks to complete, taking on only one task at a time and completing it before the next instead of butterflying from one to another to another without actually completing bugger all! First of these is to finish sorting out the workshop and making sure it remains tidy and a restful place to work. Also I need to improve my diet and starting inputting beneficial food into the machine instead of the crap that at present is clogging up the machine and stopping it functioning at a hundred per cent. 

     One thing I found of interest today regarded tinnitus, I read some interesting material today, from various sources that certain tinnitus can be caused or at least made worse by tension or stiffness within the neck. Now I have had neck and shoulder issues for the majority of my adult life and as well as tinnitus it is believed this can also contribute to mental health issues, specifically depression, headaches (Over the years I’ve always felt as if I have the ‘pressure’ of a headache brewing) etc. So I have looked up some exercise to free off the tension within my neck and added this onto the reset....

    Funny though how some things fall into place, hopefully I’ll be able to report back to you and inform you of the results of the ‘reset’ shortly.....oh and if anyone has any advice for resetting I’d love to hear about it...



Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

All sounds right. Sometimes a hard reset is where you have to begin.

John the Gardener said...

It is T.B. though not always easy to see the need when you’re on that downward spiral.

Rachelradiostar said...

Be kind to yourself and try to find peace my friend.

John the Gardener said...

Thank you Rachel, tis appreciated m’dear

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